Every Species is a Masterpiece


INSTRUCTOR: Gretchen Scharnagl


SCHEDULE: Monday, Wednesday, 2:00 PM – 3:15 PM

Course Description

We are drawn to images of flora, fauna, and funga. Our relationship to the other species has always intersected with culture, religion, science, cuisine, and art. We will explore our various relationships with the other living things of this earth. This class considers how we look at ourselves, and how we look at animals, plants, and fungi, and how this influences how we think of all. What are our varying relationships? We will discover how ancient, ubiquitous, and complicated – the truths, abstractions, and symbology – of our fellow earth dwellers can be. The class will prompt students to explore, discover, read, create, play, and discuss. Most assignments will resemble show and tell, storytelling, and artistic practice.