Exploring Culture Through Music and Dance




SCHEDULE: Online (Summer A)

Course Description

Music, dance and movement are a vivid interpretation of our history, identity, heritage and were used as a primary communication tool to explore meaning and purpose throughout the world and the centuries. Geography and health also influenced how they were shaped over the ages and their importance in human history, as well as how we might apply them for developing our future legacy as a human race personally and professionally.

This course explores the transformative power to create, connect and master the understanding of our world through the lens of movement and music. Using the universal language of music and movement, students explore culturally relevant topics of meaning, creativity, religion, wellbeing, healing, cultural exchange, bias from a global perspective, and then develop their own ideas through creating a personal legacy project.

This course prepares students through a more universal and globally focused multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural educational experience, course content borrows from the disciplines of anthropology, health studies, leadership, communication, sound therapy and dance.