Global Burden of Diseases- The Patient Illness Experience

blood cell skeletal picture


INSTRUCTOR: Anthoni Llau Jr



Course Description

Students will first learn about current diseases and conditions of global health significance from a public health perspective. They will familiarize themselves with the determinants, risk factors, symptoms, and consequences of diseases and conditions in global populations. Students will then read several first-hand accounts of illness (e.g. videos, articles, personal memoirs) in persons affected with these diseases and conditions and use them as case studies to explore its emotional, psychological, and social consequences. The area topics will encompass three major categories: 1) infectious diseases; 2) non-communicable diseases and; 3) environmental illnesses.

The students will be introduced to a framework for understanding not only a disease’s distribution, causes, and burden, but also the personal experience represented in the case studies. It challenges students to better understand the lived experiences of those they will serve, often at the most vulnerable moments of their lives. The goal is to begin to think about disease using a holistic approach that is informed not only by rigorous science but also through empathy and compassion.