God and Man in the “Great Conversation”


INSTRUCTOR: Ruben Garrote

SECTION: Summer B (Fully-Online) – RVJB


Course Description

From the dawn of history to our own time the record of humanity’s struggle to answer the great questions of life has taken the form of a “great conversation” in which thinkers have built on the ideas of their predecessors in trying to offer their own solutions perplexities. This great conversation is ongoing, and it is there for us to draw near and listen to.

Perhaps no questions have dominated this conversation more than those that on the relationship between God and Man, the problem of evil or suffering, and the concepts fate and free will. We will read and discuss some of the great works of the past which address themselves to this great question. “Not,” as C.S. Lewis once wrote about the reading of old books, “that there is any magic about the past. People were no cleverer than they are now; they made as many mistakes as we. But not the same mistakes.” We will ourselves become participants in this great conversation, reflecting and commenting on their mistakes and ours, and – why not? – offering our own solutions.