GRIT: Facing the World with Grace, Resilience, Intelligence, and Tolerance


INSTRUCTOR: Claudia Fernandez



Course Description

2020 has changed a lot about the way we live and the way we communicate. There has been good to come out of it, but there has also been a lot of division and discord that has been heightened as everyone has retreated into echo chambers of their own making. So we are challenged to rethink how we confront the world and interact with each other now. How can we prepare ourselves to be citizens of the future? This class will guide students to examine and cultivate the skills necessary to be people who are open-minded and adaptable to the stress of the unexpected and who can communicate confidently and kindly with anyone regardless of their differences. The goal is for students to go out and affect the world around them positively at whatever scale they wish. We will learn about growth mindset, resilience, intelligence, and tolerance in order to develop G.R.I.T. to face uncertainty and change.