History of Medicine via Art


INSTRUCTOR: Amilcar Castellano Sanchez


SCHEDULE: Monday 1:00PM – 3:30PM, Yearlong

Course Description

This is a two semester course.

This global learning course encompasses the study of medical world history from pre history to the industrial revolution (Fall) followed by from that point to current times (Spring); highlighting medicine’s history s as it has been portrayed in different forms of art, i.e. visual, written, performed with a global perspective aiming to emphasize areas such as: anatomy, physical diagnosis, different types of illness, subspecialties with overarching concepts such as: the role of women, preventive medicine and therapeutic approaches.

Students will learn to:

  • Identify the role of the arts in different health practices through human history and diverse cultures and historical periods
  • Analyze and interpret global and intercultural issues that may have an impact in the practice of medicine in current times
  • Explain and link scientific and practical means of the times with their theoretical and cultural background using the arts and the concepts of health and healthcare though civilization
  • Critically read and interpret peer-reviewed material in the topics of medical history through art
  • Develop their interest and skills in leadership, communication, analysis and organization
  • Develop learning strategies, test taking strategies and strategies to facilitate time management
  • Be able to apply their knowledge in the behavioral, natural and social sciences to solve problems that call for scientific reasoning
  • Conduct an analysis of texts, novels or articles, discourses and representations produced through history or by current scholars as it relates to the different topics mentioned in the course description with a global and local perspective when applicable
  • Have developed skills to work collaboratively and in an interdisciplinary manner. In the collaborative creation of a pre-designed art intervention to medicine project
  • Students will develop an awareness of the distinct set of professional skills (competencies) required for success as a medical student and emerging doctor