Honoring the Ocean

fishing ship in ocean photo


INSTRUCTOR: Gretchen Scharnagl

SECTION: IDH 4905 sec. U07

SCHEDULE: Contact the instructor

Course Description

An interdisciplinary experience exploring humankind’s relationship with the ocean. A six-week online pre-course taught by Honors faculty across the State University System prepares students for a short adventure at sea on a Florida Institute of Oceanography vessel. No background in marine science is required – this program is accessible to a diverse student population.

About the Florida Institute of Oceanography

The Florida Institute of Oceanography consists of 32 members including state universities. Established by the Florida Board of Governors and hosted by the University of South Florida, FIO provides support and shares marine science resources between the state’s universities and private, nonprofit marine research entities. FIO operates the R/V Weatherbird II, R/V Hogarth and the Keys Marine Laboratory in Layton, Florida.

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