Law, Literature and Pop Culture


INSTRUCTOR: Andrej Milic



Course Description

“Law school can be a transformative, transcendental experience, but the student has to make it so; the Professor can’t.”
– The Paper Chase

The law informs all areas of human existence and yet permeates in a prevalent way throughout pop culture narratives. To properly understand humanity and anthropology we must look at the impact of law throughout history. The depictions of law in art, film, literature and case opinions show what is important to society in a particular moment. We will analyze inconsistencies, interpretations and patterns that exist in pop culture relating to the law. By analyzing these legal themes we will learn deeply about the legal education system, courts and legal doctrine.

This course will place a focus on the intersection of law, the humanities and social science. We will analyze key texts in literature and legal theory that influenced our legal system over time. By the end of the semester students in this course will be familiar with key scholarship concerning the intersection of law and the humanities with a keen ability to analyze legal themes throughout film, literary and other artistic expressions.