Law School in a Nutshell

law school in a box photo


INSTRUCTOR: Angie Puentes-Leon


SCHEDULE: Wednesday, 10:00am – 12:30pm

Course Description

This yearlong course is designed to introduce students to a learning experience mirroring the first year of law school. The class is welcoming in its atmosphere and diverse in its structure. Some days students will take notes and listen to detailed lectures on Torts, Civil Procedure, Contracts, Property or other first-year law school classes. Other days they will hear from an array of guest speakers, which mostly consists of practicing lawyers with sincere and high quality advice. This course allows for questions and flows dynamically according to what the students need to know the most. Sometimes the hard truths of the legal profession are broached, and while some students who were on the fence about law school may opt out, this is ultimately a good thing because the class really shows you whether you are a good fit or not. For those students who decide to continue with a career in law, the class will serve as a solid basis of the basic structure and skills needed to excel in law school and a life after law school, including the many career paths available for law school graduates.