Modern Law Practice


INSTRUCTOR: Sarah Slinger and Ana Toft-Nielsen

SECTION: RVEA (Summer A) and RVY (Fall)

SCHEDULE: Online (Summer A and Fall)

Course Description

Technology is an unavoidable part of the modern law practice. This course prepares you to be educated, ethical, and enthusiastic users of technology. Each week will cover a different facet of legal technology, from the mundane, like tracking billable hours and word processing, to advanced legal research skills. Technical expertise is not required, only a desire to learn and passion grow one’s skill set.

Course Objectives:
It is the overarching goal of this course to prepare you to become technology-aware and autodidactic lawyers. By the end of this course, students will be able to:
1. Describe ways technology is impacting the legal profession.
2. Draft plans for continued career learning about technology that includes assessment.
3. Evaluate different software applications to inform a potential purchase.
4. Convey the value of a new technology persuasively to encourage its adoption by the firm.
5. Successfully complete Core Tech Certification, Practice Tech Certification and Legal Soft Skills Certification.
6. Construct a legal research plan and implement the plan using major legal sources.
7. Understand which resources to use, and when and how the resources relate to one another, and where to find various types of legal information and sources.
8. Implement the skills and resources identified during the course to complete workplace and internship research assignments as well as academically based research assignments.”