Player One


INSTRUCTOR: Maikel Alendy


SCHEDULE: Wednesday, 11:00A-12:15P(Hybrid)

Course Description

Inspired by courses taught by Emily Wood and neuroscience research conducted by Stuart Brown, this course challenges students to think differently about play and its relevance to human social and biological development. We will define play and explore current debates about psychopathy, adult development, and play. In addition to exploring various theories and philosophies on “adulthood”, we will examine the structure and functions of the brain, and the impact that sensory deprivation can have on them. We consider the implications of current understandings of brain development for teaching and learning and as a medical intervention. Major components of this course are a collaboration with FIU’s Edge Lab to create play objects using a 3D printer and creating and carry-out an instructional game for k-5 students at Sweetwater Elementary School. This course has no required textbook; students will evaluate course content through videos, published journals, online articles, case studies, and TED talks presentations.