Power, Change, and Global Citizenship | Fall and Spring


INSTRUCTOR: Antonio Pedrero

SECTION: U24 (Fall/Spring)

SCHEDULE: Tuesday 2:00PM – 4:45PM

Course Description

How are decisions made and policies implemented in today’s America? How can we leverage our knowledge of power structures and change mechanisms in order to be better global citizens?

This is an exciting, dynamic, contemporary, truly interdisciplinary one-year course. The first portion of the course will focus on the centers of power in America. We will examine in-depth the American mechanisms for getting results and effecting change, how they differ from other nations, and how these national processes can be extended to global, local and personal spheres. Finally, we build a case study and group project on the role of the public at large (civil society) and the individual and how each of us can have an impact on the world at large.

The course utilizes a mixture of classroom instruction, field study (including optional trips to Washington, D.C. and New York City) and active learning processes (conferences, discussions, games, and group projects) to explore how power is wielded, exercised, by whom, and what are the lessons that can be useful for us personally and professionally.