Power of Play


INSTRUCTOR: Maikel Right


SCHEDULE: Wednesday, 11:00AM - 12:15PM (HYBRID)

Course Description

This course analyzes the anthropological, biological, and business implications and significance of play throughout the human experience. With mobile gaming representing a multimillion-dollar business and its sociological impact on health and communication by our continuous "tech-reliance", online community development, and its implications on ADDHD; play represents a significant and often overlooked foundation in the smartphone-Era. Students are required to participate in a class mobile social-gaming platform (e.g. Clash of Clans, Star Wars Commander, PokeMon Go!, etc.), design and present a mobile game application/board game/group activity, create and perform their own TED talks video, and participate in a hospital. Major components of this course are a collaboration with FIU's Edge Lab to create play objects using a 3D printer and creating and carry-out an instructional game for k-5 students at Sweetwater Elementary School. This course has no required textbook; students will evaluate course content through videos, published journals, online articles, case studies, and TED talks presentations.