Redefining Capitalism


INSTRUCTOR: Daniela Cadena


SCHEDULE: Tuesday 10:00AM – 12:45PM

Course Description

This course is designed to expose students to the fundamentals of mission-driven entrepreneurship and the mental models necessary to assess the trends arising due to traditional capitalism being challenged. Throughout the semester, students will learn about global, regional and local trends toward adopting more sustainable practices. This course will examine the various ways in which traditional capitalism is evolving and should evolve, in order to lead society into a more equitable and sustainable planet. We will explore the key differences between for-profit, corporate social responsibility, social impact, and social enterprises. Students will build a working knowledge of mission-driven entrepreneurship by working in teams to identify problems and propose solutions designed with both socially and financially sustainable practices. During the semester, students’ work will center around, and culminate in, a group project where teams will develop a new social venture concept to submit and compete in the annual Hult Prize@FIU pitch competition. Course work and class time will serve as both learning and laboratory as teams progress toward the competition. This project is in lieu of a final exam.