Social Movements


INSTRUCTOR: Shedrick Boren


SCHEDULE: Monday, 5:00PM – 7:40PM

Course Description

Social change starts with a vision and evolves to transform society. There are many types of social movements that have changed history, and many individual leaders have made a difference.  The civil rights movements related to African Americans, women and the LGBT community are examples of 20th century social movements that have impacted American society globally, but there are also social movements related to human rights, life and death, and personal choices that have greatly influenced American politics and society in general. Using the education of the course facilitator, a Clinical Assistant Professor with post graduate degrees in Social Work, Business, Bioethics and Sociology, this course provides a unique opportunity to attain student engagement, enhance awareness and guide students to enhance their perspective by examining history, current perspectives and realities, and to address societal challenges globally while recognizing leadership attributes that can guide a purposeful life.