Strategies for Social Impact through Sustainable Development: A Harvard Business Simulations and Cases Approach


INSTRUCTOR: Hortensia Sampedro


SCHEDULE: Wednesday, 2:00pm - 3:15pm (Online Live)

Course Description

This is a two-semester seminar-style course suitable for intellectually curious Honors students from all disciplines interested in exploring practical strategies for sustainable development. We will discuss forward-looking frameworks to address the 21stcentury issues which hopefully will serve you for a lifetime. And we will explore actionable solutions drawn from latest theoretical thinking and practical successes. In each 16-week semester, we will study and discuss United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, analyze relevant infographics and readings, and play Harvard Simulations. About 6 SDGs and simulations are covered each semester. My overarching objective is to simulate an educated and practical approach to real-world problems and solutions, with all its shortcomings and imperfect information, while raising awareness of the significant role that cognitive bias plays in our analysis and decision-making. Grades are based on your quality of participation in class (30%), your concisely thoughtful writing (30%) on the reading/infographic assignment, and your teamwork and participation in the simulations 40%. (There are no midterms or finals. Grades are stress-free through weekly assessments, no surprises from comprehensive exams.) Your work in this course is highly suitable for the Honors College Portfolio. As a Global Learning Course, it counts toward your Global Learning Discipline-specific graduation requirement and the prestigious Excellence in Global Learning Medallion.