The End of Ethics or Us? A Study of Humanity in Apocalyptic Narratives


INSTRUCTOR: Jacqueline Nusz



Course Description

How are characteristics of a humane society constructed and normalized? In times of extreme circumstances, the boundaries of ethics and morality are blurred and the pillars of humanity are compromised in an attempt to maintain a sense of normalcy or to ensure the preservation of life. What circumstances and to what extent will people disregard or compromise ethics, morality, and/or integrity when placed in unexpected and dire situations?

This course will ask students to recognize, analyze, and apply theories of ethics, morality, and civilization to apocalyptic narratives in film and literary writings. This will guide students to sharpen their skills of analysis in the investigation of morality and human behavior. Students will explore and engage with the traditional apocalyptic circumstances of mass unrest, societal breakdown, and widespread death to challenge their previous notions of integrity, leadership, and community ethics.