The Psychology of Politics and Leadership


INSTRUCTOR: Joshua Simmons


SCHEDULE: Tuesday, Thursday, 5:00PM - 6:15PM

Course Description

The Psychology of Politics and Leadership takes a dive into the motivations, messaging, and movements that drive people to engage in the political arena. We will take a look at World leaders and other prominent politicians and how they use certain messaging, how they present themselves, their motivations, and driving forces behind them. This course will also dive into the motivations for engagement of voters. We will look at and discuss what makes people go out to vote, what makes them get involved in politics, their ideologies and life experiences that shape their understanding of politics. Students will also take a look at themselves to better understand their motivations, ideologies, and life experiences to see where they fit in the political arena and how they might best serve their own community and country. Students will be able to analyze critical events and situations and see how they can use their own gifts to solve critical problems.