The Special Relationship: United Kingdom, the United States, the Common Law and the Foundations of Economic Liberty, Democracy and Freedom.


INSTRUCTOR:Anthony Rionda



Course Description

This interdisciplinary course focuses on our constant political cycle, a cycle that includes politics, government, communications, business interests, government funding, data analysis (specifically voter targeting, social media, and polling), law (constitutional, state and local, and administrative), and advocacy (how individuals, businesses, and associations lobby government for their interests).

To engage fully in our political system, we must engage all the tools and skills at our disposal. We will focus on how decisions are made, how individuals can make a difference, and how important it is to know about: the process; communicating your thoughts and opinions; and how other fields interact with the political process (including the health industry, business, finance, etc.).

In this course, we will focus on current events to dive deeper into our political cycle. We will work through how to approach challenges with an interdisciplinary lens, focused on solutions, and how citizens and residents, interact with local, state, and federal governments.