This is the Way: Disruptive Leadership


INSTRUCTOR: Maikel Alendy


SCHEDULE: Wednesday, 11:00AM-12:35PM (Hybrid – Summer C)

Course Description

Drawing on the global executive expertise of leadership and service at the Disney corporation, the trailblazing problem-solving of NASA, the innovative mastery of virtual reality at Oracle, and the creativity of LEGO this course explores the implications of what it means to be a great leader in a planet and society that is exponentially changing due to digital technological and environmental disruptions.

As virtual and augmented reality, artificial intelligence, digitalization, climate change, health pandemics, and other critical factors influence the nature of work and ways of working, relevant leadership has never been more necessary.

During this Summer course you will confront, examine, and experience not only the theory of leadership but also challenge and create practical solutions for the future of leadership as well.

Orlando is frequently disregarded as just a place of play and fun. We will look behind the scenes of this iconic international city at the leadership that has made Orlando and the companies that call it home a hub of innovation, quality interaction, engineering excellence, and a place where magic seems truly real.

Our trips will be guided and analyzed by the following instructional material: We will read the text “If Disney ran your Hospital,” use case studies from companies like Disney+, Chevrolet, Google, and Netflix, and excerpts from “Emotional design: why we love and hate everyday things.”