Thriving in the Law 2

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SCHEDULE: Monday, 5:00 - 7:45 PM (Yearlong)

Course Description

*This is the second half of a year-long course*

Students will leave this course with a tangible understanding of what it means to practice law, the path to entering the field, and how to thrive once they have joined the legal profession.

Classes include cutting-edge lectures by local practitioners, thematic workshops, and field trips. Students first learn foundational skills and core competencies thinking, reading, and writing like a lawyer through engaging and interactive class sessions. Students are then given the opportunity to apply the foundational skills they learned through an in-depth study of the core first year law student curriculum, surveying property law, contract law, torts, civil procedure, and criminal law. Students analyze and brief case law in each of these modules and learn the rudimentary skills needed to be successful and earn high marks their first year of law school. The course includes a dialogue on work life balance, networking, building a personal brand, and the business of law. Students will also hone their oral advocacy skills through various public speaking opportunities, use of the Socratic method, and participation in an in-class mock trial. Most importantly, students will have fun in a respectful environment designed to foster dynamic conversation.

This course is perfect for students considering law school. Students come away with the answers to "everything I wish I would have know before law school" and are setup to succeed in the legal industry. Check out more about the course by watching this short video: