Unseen Voices/Unheard Faces


INSTRUCTOR: Pioneer Winter


SCHEDULE: Tuesdays 12:30P – 3:15P

Course Description

Unseen Voices/Unheard Faces examines the public and private lives (and deaths) of individuals marginalized within and across our vibrant, shared histories. How does normativity structure and shape diverse social and political institutions? What are the intersections of marginality and axes of difference like sexuality, gender, race, ethnicity, disability, class, indigeneity, and nation? And how does the social organization of life and legacy produce forms of oppression and of resistance in time and place? Divided into two semesters, this course fuses equal parts philosophies of performance, psychology, film, politics, literature, and pop culture in order to critique and honor the lives of people queered or otherwise removed from the Western canon.

Students will learn:

  • You’ll have gained an understanding of the lives, deaths, and actions of multiple individuals, who have contributed politically and culturally to our society – but whose memories have either faded or been erased.
  • You’ll have the opportunity to witness key historical events through the eyes of people who’ve been forced out of our mainstream sight.
activist marsha p. johnson photo