‘Your sloppy, fragile heart’: Disability Across Disciplines





Course Description

Disability is at the heart of law, medicine, technology, education, and art. That is, both the meaning of “disability” and the actions of disabled people have shaped these fields to the present.

This seminar will explore this fact to showcase the methods and value of the intersectional turn in Disability Studies. This shift acknowledges that disability is often the modality through which race, sexuality, national identity, and gender are lived; to separate these categories into component parts disregards their interdependent relationships. The racialized body in slavery or immigration was also a disabled or “diseased” body; gendered bodies are often defined within medical and psychoanalytic protocols; the nation itself is framed according its (un)stable legal constitution; our pandemic present (and future) makes disability’s potential as universal acutely felt.

This course will consist of weekly interactive readings, discussions, responses. The final project will allow you to create an artifact that reflects your academic interests and professional goals.