Election Week 2018

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Election Week is in full swing at the Honors College and we have a fun-filled week with events that are meant to make sure you’re ready to vote with Honors on Friday, November 2nd. All of our Election Week events are open to ALL students! You don’t have to be in Honors to attend; so bring your friends, family, ANYONE who wants to educate themselves about the midterm election and VOTE!

Here’s a quick glance at our Election Week events:
On Tuesday, October 30th, in partnership with SIPA, we will be co-hosting an interesting discussion, “The Democracy Project: A Conversation with FIU Students,” in which students will have a chance to explore common questions about democracy and their beliefs about our democratic system. Honors College students will receive 3 points for attending.
The Democracy Project: A Conversation with FIU Students
Tuesday, October 30th, 2018
2:00PM to 4:15PM
GC 140

On Wednesday, October 31st, Honors College professor Tony Pedrero, LL.M., J.D. will walk students through all 13 amendments and explaining how they impact us all. Plus, we will be handling out cheat sheets to make your voting process quick and easy! Honors College students will receive 3 points for attending.
Tackling the 13 Amendments ***We will be going LIVE on Facebook for this event***
Wednesday, October 31st, 2018
3:30PM to 4:45PM
RDB 1100 (The Law Building)

On Thursday, November 1st, we will host an Honors Hour focused on the value in voting. If you don’t see the value in voting, then come and find out why this midterm election is as important as the presidential one. Learn how this election affects YOU! You will want to vote after this presentation. Honors College students will receive 3 points for attending.
Why Should I Vote?
Thursday, November 1st, 2018
3:30PM to 4:45PM
RB 120

On Friday, November 2nd, it’s the BIG DAY! FIU was chosen as an early voting site and we are taking full advantage of that. The Honors College will be marching to SASC on Friday, November 2nd and encouraging others to join us and do the same– VOTE! We will be handing out FREE HonorsVotes t-shirts to the first 100 students to arrive for the walk. Join us as we make some noise and march through Camus to vote together at SASC! Be sure to bring your driver’s license to vote!
Walk to the Polls: HonorsVotes Again!
Friday, November 2nd, 2018
1st floor of DM

We hope to see you, your friends, and anyone you know who is interested in learning more about the election and voting at ALL of our events and especially at our Walk to the Polls!

For more information on the events, check myHonors.

All events are non-partisan.