FIU Honors Student Spotlight: Gabriel Rondon Gonzalez

David Melendez Uncategorized

Gabriel Rondon Gonzalez is a resilient and determined student whose journey from Venezuela to the United States six years ago has been inspiring. Armed with a thirst for knowledge and unwavering determination, Gabriel faced his first challenge of mastering English and navigating the unfamiliar American system head-on. Yet, with persistence, consistency, and boundless enthusiasm, he overcame these hurdles, refusing to let anything deter him from his aspirations. 

Through sheer grit, Gabriel secured internships at prestigious institutions such as Bank of America, Vanguard, UBS, and Project Destined, spanning industries from construction to banking, each experience fostering his growth and learning. Additionally, he was a Spring 2023 Hamilton Scholar in D.C.

His journey reflects gratitude and pride as Gabriel prepares to graduate this spring with a Bachelor’s in Construction Management, achieving a stellar 3.9 GPA. Throughout his academic pursuit, Gabriel has recognized that every accomplishment and opportunity has been possible only through the grace and assistance of God. Beyond climbing the corporate ladder, he wants to inspire and empower others to reach their full potential. With aspirations to assume a leadership position, Gabriel aims to mentor future leaders, sharing the invaluable lessons he has learned. His story is a testament to hard work and unwavering determination, showcasing that you can overcome any obstacle with the right mindset.