Heidi Marcelo-Calero

Partner, Marcelo Law Group



Heidi Marcelo-Calero is a Partner at Marcelo Law Group, P.A. in Miami, Florida. She specializes in business law, commercial lending, and both personal and commercial real estate transactions. She has over 15 years of experience assisting small to mid-size companies in negotiating lease space, commercial loans, operating agreements, franchise agreements, and other instruments necessary to achieve commercial success. In addition, she is counsel for commercial lending departments in local banks, private lenders, and has helped hundreds of local home buyers realize their dreams of home ownership while ensuring that their investments are always 100% guaranteed from Title or lien defects. She received her J.D. and L. LM in International Law from Duke University School of Law in 2004 and graduated cum laude from Florida International University with a Political Science and Honors College degree in 2001.