Library Study Center

GL 310A is available to Honors College students for quiet study and research. The room is available during library operating hours, unless otherwise posted.

To gain card access to the study and research center, please contact

To print a document, use the designated printing areas of the library.

Students must adhere not only to the listed Honors College rules, but also to the guidelines and policies of the FIU Libraries.


  • Each student must use their Panther ID card to enter.
  • Swipe ID card at the designated laptop for points.
  • Place library materials on book trucks found outside the room so that library staff can re-shelf them.
  • Report:
    1. center rules abuse to or anonymously to
    2. accidental lockouts to 305-348-2626
    3. hardware/software issues to GL 391 or 305-348-3127

Please Do Not:

  • Allow non-Honors College students into the study room.
  • Bring food into the room. Drinks must be in spill proof containers.