My Internship with Amazon

Luli Szeinblum Feature, Spotlight

While most students were completely focused on schoolwork from the months of February to July 2018, Kerlin Michel was interning at Amazon as a software engineer. Kerlin took a leap of faith and applied through the Amazon website, scored an interview and wowed the company enough to land an internship. As his major is computer science with a math minor, this proved to be the perfect opportunity for him to improve on his skills. While at the internship, he worked under Amazon Web Services and worked on the AppSync website. The project that he worked on was one that would help users create server applications while also not making it mandatory to write a lot of code. One of the praises Kerlin shared about his internship was how directly impactful his work was to the customers along with the fast-paced way in which work flowed, never leaving him a moment of boredom. The internship not only helped Kerlin learn a lot about himself, but it also improved his self-discipline, boosted his work ethic and expanded his professional connections. All in all, the internship provided Kerlin with the opportunity to better develop his skills, gain the necessary experience in his field and establish himself as a capable young professional.

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