Student Spotlight: Abraham Alonso

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Name: Abraham Alonso

What grade are you in? Sophomore

What is your major? Biology with a Chemistry minor

How long have you been in the Honors College? I’ve been with the Honors College for a year now.

What’s one interesting fact about you? I am double jointed. This condition allows me to have hyper-flexibility. Due to shallow joint sockets in my arms, I can fully extend them backwards without experiencing any pain.

What’s your dream job? What would you like to be doing after you graduate? My dream job would be to work as a specialist in emergency medicine in a hospital where doctors are allowed to have their own support animals while on duty.

What are your hobbies? What do you like to do for fun outside of school? I enjoy spending my free time kayaking, practicing archery, biking (anything sports or nature-related really sparks my interest). Hanging out with friends is also a “must-do.”

What is your favorite thing about being a part of the Honors College? My favorite thing about being a part of the Honors College are the friendships I have built along the way. Honors College faculty and staff truly are as professional and approachable as it gets. Today I am proud to say I have made really good friends among not only fellow students but administration staff, and even some of my own professors.

How many hours did you complete in the 2018-2019 academic year? I completed 441.75 hours.

Did you find competing those hours an easy or difficult task? Completing that amount of community service hours was most definitely an arduous task. Finding the balance between taking 6 classes; conducting 3 research projects; working a part-time job and attending most of the Honors College events was a key factor in earning the community service award.

What activities did you have to do in each place? Through the “Healthy Hub” program at West Kendall Baptist Hospital, I assisted a registered nurse in administering free health checks of blood glucose, cholesterol, and BMI to members of the community. Volunteering as a disaster team leader for the Miami Chapter of the American Red Cross, I have done everything from installing free smoke alarms in underserved communities to fundraising money for Hurricane Michael on national T.V to providing local victims of home fires with relief efforts.

Which place was the most memorable of the ones you volunteered? The most memorable place I have volunteered at has definitely been the American Red Cross. The kind of direct service I have provided, and instant gratification I have experienced through my role of disaster team leader -namely, providing relief efforts to victims of home fires, and installing smoke alarms in underserved communities- has been next to no other.

What motivated you to go above and beyond the required hours needed for the Honors College? My parents were my main motivation for going above and beyond the required hours. I hoped to make them proud by actively working on something that would benefit my future in terms of making myself more competitive for medical school.

How many points did you acquire during the 2018-2019 academic year? I acquired 115 points.

Did you find achieving that number of points difficult or easy? Achieving the points was also a difficult task. As I mentioned previously, finding the right balance between my academic, personal and professional life was a challenge. What really helped me achieve that number of points was my willingness to always learn new things and expand my horizons. All the events I attended had a different and unique aspect or value from which I could learn from, which is really what the Honors College is all about: the importance of an interdisciplinary education.

How many events do you estimate that you have been to in order to achieve those points? I must have attended around 50-55 events.

What is your favorite Honors event that you have attended? My most memorable Honors event I attended was the Honors Night at the football stadium. It was extremely fun and a great way to socialize and meet fellow students

What motivates you to be so involved in Honors College events? My motivation to be involved in Honors College events is really just my passion for learning new things. It also helps that Honors College events are a great way to meet new people and to kind of de-stress from some of the schoolwork.

Any advice on how to be more involved for people who have a hard time balancing schoolwork and being very involved on campus? My advice on how to be more involved would be to really make an effort and plan your class schedule around the typical time of Honors College events (which are usually at 3:30 pm). It also helps when you pass by the Honors College office and get to meet the staff on a more personal level. Oftentimes they will tell you about future plans or events that the Honors College has prepared for its students and how you can help make them happen.