2022 Study Abroad Online Application

The Honors online application and OEA online application should only be completed once you have a confirmed or wait-listed appointment to register and only on the day before your registration appointment:

Honors online applications are reviewed at registration time

  1. For Costa Rica, apply here: http://hon.fiu.edu/2022costaricaappl
  2. For Japan, apply here: http://hon.fiu.edu/2022japanappl
  3.  For UK, apply here: http://hon.fiu.edu/2022ukappl
  4. For China, apply here: http://hon.fiu.edu/2022chinaappl
  5. For Vietbodia, apply here: http://hon.fiu.edu/2022vietbodiaappl
  6. For Italy, apply here: http://hon.fiu.edu/2022italyappl
  7.  For France, apply here: http://hon.fiu.edu/2022franceappl
  8. For Spain, apply here: http://hon.fiu.edu/2022spainappl