2023 Study Abroad Important Documents and Applications

    1. Once you have scheduled your appointment to register, complete the online applications at least 24 hours before your appointment:

        1. Honors College Study Abroad online application at https://honors.fiu.edu/studyabroad/applications/

        2. Office of Education Abroad application at: https://abroad.fiu.edu

        3. No need to print them out.

    2. Complete the following documents:

        1. 2023 Study Abroad Contract and copy

        2. 2023 Study Abroad Course Registration Form

        3. Print them out and bring them to your Study Abroad Registration appointment

    3. Once registered, all remaining documents are found at http://abroad.fiu.edu, same portal you had applied online to. Complete/Upload them there by their deadlines:

      1. Course Registration Form signed at Registration (upload)

      2. Copy of passport (upload)

      3. Medical Form (you’ll find it there—download it and upload it once completed by a physician licensed in the U.S.)

      4. 3 questionnaires (complete them online)

      5. Mandatory online OEA pre-trip Orientation

          1. OEA will send you an email in Spring about this

          2. Complete the online orientation and quizzes, sign the paperwork, and upload them to http://abroad.fiu.edu

    4. Be aware that you can enroll in a maximum of 18 credits per semester. If you want to go above that amount, you must get this form signed by your major’s Dean and sent it to edabroad@fiu.edu by the deadlines

    5. Checklist for your convenience