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In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Honors College will reactivate its Study Abroad programs in Spring/Summer 2022. We will also be launching, in Summer 2022, “Study U.S.A.” programs within the United States. The Honors College will offer informational Study Abroad Honors Hours sessions and open registration in fall 2021.

Updated program information on the website coming soon.

Thank you for your patience and understanding

The United Kingdom: A European Nation or Islands Set Apart?

READ THE GUIDELINES TO SECURE YOUR SPOT and the 2020 Honors Study Abroad Programs policies at the bottom of the page!

The much-debated and highly-publicized June 2016 “Brexit” referendum, in which a narrow majority of British citizens voted to leave the European Union, made newly apparent what has, in fact, been a centuries-old dynamic between the British Isles (England, Ireland and Wales) and the European continent. Since at least the days of the Roman conquest of southern England, the relationship between these North Atlantic islands and the rest of Europe (especially France, Germany, Spain and Italy) has been complex, vexed and ever-changing, at times manifesting points of connection and similarity, at other times highlighting difference and a supposed “singularity” or “exceptionality” of the British nation and its peoples.

Honors College students enrolling in IDH 4007 will study British history, culture, religion, literature and art, and advances in science, technology, medicine and engineering (always in relation to European trends and linkages) from the pre-Roman and Roman eras, through the Middle Ages, Renaissance, Restoration and Enlightenment, Industrial Revolution, Victorian and Edwardian ages, the World Wars of the last century, and right up to our contemporary moment. The learning in IDH 4007 will then be tested and extended in situ, as participants travel throughout the U.K. in the summer, under the IDH 4008 rubric, observing how the Britons have contributed to the course of human history over the past 2500 years.

Make an educated decision! Check out the October 17, 2019 Study Abroad Honors Hour on the UK program HERE!

Essentially, this program is ideal for any Honors College student with a strong interest in London and the UK, irrespective of major and course of study at FIU. While common course work, assignments, and travel will emphasize history, culture, the arts and design, politics and social trends through time, this should not preclude students working in the sciences and engineering, pre-med and nursing, business, or hospitality from enrolling. Quite the opposite, the participation of students from a range of disciplines will only make the course stronger, and its interdisciplinary aspirations more fully realized. In short, this UK Study Abroad trip aspires to embody the very principles of broad learning and inquiry in a range of disciplines that the FIU Honors College promotes. Indeed, all are welcome.

We’ll spend two intense, exciting weeks in London, with day-trips to Canterbury, Cambridge, Hampton Court and either Greenwich or Lullingstone Roman villa. Then, we’ll head west by northwest, traveling to Oxford or Stratford-upon-Avon, Birmingham, Liverpool, and on to Belfast and Northern Ireland. This will be followed up with four sublime days in northwest Wales (Snowdonia and Caernarfon), and then the trip will end with visits to Cardiff, Bristol, Bath and Salisbury. This extended two-week adventure will include trains, buses, ferries and planes!

We’ll be in London from June 7– June 22, and then traveling in the west, Northern Ireland, and Wales from June 22 – July 6, 2020.



Our travel dates straddle Summer A and Summer B, primarily to accommodate Professor Sutton’s family schedule (he refuses to miss his son’s high-school graduation!) Please keep in mind that while in England, your job is to see things, experience the country, take in the sights, and explore. You are essentially conducting research, or doing your “field work,” for your independent project for IDH 4008. When you return to Miami in early July, you will have about three weeks (the remainder of Summer B term), to pull together all of your findings and discoveries made whilst abroad, and craft a beautifully cogent, extended essay or project. Please note that the dates of travel abroad probably preclude your registering for face-to-face courses in either Summer A or Summer B. However, online courses, especially in Summer A term, if necessary, would be possible.

While we’re in London, we’ll travel by foot (plan to walk a whole lot!), by those iconic red double-decker buses, and by subway (London’s tube.) Most rail travel outside of London will be on main-lines, with Brit-rail; small-gauge steam rail could feature prominently in Wales, as will bus travel. A quick flight from Liverpool to Belfast is likely, and a ferry sea-crossing, from Belfast to Holyhead, Wales (via Dublin), also is in the offing.

In London, students will stay at the FSU Study Center; this is a beautifully appointed, state-of-the-art facility, located very near the British Museum on Great Russell Street. Outside of the capital, students will lodge in a mix of “Bed & Breakfast” hotels—a grand British form of accommodation and hospitality—or clean but inexpensive hotels.

The cost of the 2020 UK program is $3,400. It will include housing for the duration of the trip; local transportation; admission to numerous museums, monuments and other sites; theatre and concert tickets; and mandatory insurance. Program costs DO NOT include: $350 Honors College fee and $175 Study Abroad non-refundable fees, FIU instructional fee (6 credits, $205.57 per credit), airfare, meals, and personal expenses.

Professor James Sutton hales from the Midwest; he received undergraduate and Master’s degrees in English from Northwestern and Michigan, and holds a Ph.D. in Renaissance Studies (1995) from Yale. His early research focused on the interplay of art, architecture, dramatic performance, politics and court intrigue during the reigns of Queen Elizabeth I and King James I; he is currently researching and writing about “glocal” Shakespeares, in Slovenia and here in South Florida; he is also coediting a book on Exile with Professor Asher Milbauer, a colleague at FIU. Sutton is an Associate Professor in FIU’s English department, which he chaired from 2008-2016. During 2016-2017, Sutton spent six months in Slovenia, teaching and travelling. He joined the Honors College—a long term goal—in the fall of 2017, teaching a pod of IDH 1001 and 1002 with colleagues from Physics, Biology, Law, and Religious Studies. He has also been director of the long-successful FIU Study Abroad program, “Shakespeare in England;” he looks forward to new endeavors in England and the UK with FIU Honors College students, as part of this (still relatively new) study abroad program. If you have any questions, please reach out to him at suttonj@fiu.edu.

United Kingdom: A European Nation or Islands Set Apart?

Spring 2020, On campus – Thursdays 9:30 am – 12:15 pm: IDH 4007 (3 credits);
Summer C Abroad: IDH 4008 (3 credits)

The program fulfills one year of Honors credit requirements (6 credits)

How do we secure our spot and keep it? It works on a first-come, first-served basis!

Follow these instructions:

Current Honors Students interested in securing a spot for a 2020 study abroad program:

  • Get clearance from your Honors advisor. For STEM students, your advisors are Brenda Luna (brenluna@fiu.edu) or Patric Hambleton (phamblet@fiu.edu.) Non-STEM students must see Grisel d’Elena (gdelena@fiu.edu.) Call 305-348-4100 and ask for an advising appointment. Indicate it is regarding Study Abroad. You must have an advisor’s clearance when you go see Luli to secure your spot!
  • Once you’ve been cleared, email Luli (luli.szeinblum@fiu.edu) to schedule a registration appointment, specifying your PID and program of choice
  • On the date of your appointment, bring to DM 233 a $350.00 money order or cashier’s check (ONLYmade out to FIU. These are the Honors College administrative fees. This payment will secure you a spot in your program of choice. It is non-refundable, and constitutes a serious commitment to the program
    • The registration process includes a group contract-signing session and online application. Calculate around 2 hours for the whole process
    • You will be officially registered once you complete all 3 steps (registration & payment, online application, and contract-signing)

Newly Admitted Students interested in securing a spot for a 2020 study abroad program:

  • Email Luli (luli.szeinblum@fiu.edu) to schedule a registration appointment, including your Panther ID number and program of choice
  • Follow the instructions on the third bullet above
  • Make sure together with the $350 you bring to the session a copy of the unofficial transcripts from the institution you are coming from and a copy of the Honors letter/email of acceptance

Freshmen Students:

  • You can register for study abroad only once you get your first FIU GPA, assuming there are still spots available. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait until the 2021 registration opens in April

All Students:

  • In order to keep your good standing with the program, comply with the Honors Study Abroad Policies and deadlines at the bottom of this page
  • The Office of Study Abroad (OSA) charges a non-refundable $195 administrative fee. It will be posted along with your second payment and they can be paid together

Below is the schedule of payments to be followed after you secured your spot with your initial $350 fee:

Schedule of Payments:

1st Payment*
2nd Payment*
3rd Payment (**)
Costa Rica
Sat, June 1, 2019
Thu, Aug 1, 2019
Tue, Oct. 1, 2019*
Tue, Oct 1, 2019
Sun, Dec 1, 2019
Sat, Feb 1, 2020**
Tue, Oct 1, 2019
Sun, Dec 1, 2019
Sat, Feb 1, 2020**
Tue, Oct 1, 2019
Sun, Dec 1, 2019
Sat, Feb 1, 2020**
Tue, Oct 1, 2019
Sun, Dec 1, 2019
Sat, Feb 1, 2020**
Tue, Oct 1, 2019
Sun, Dec 1, 2019
Sat, Feb 1, 2020**
Tue, Oct 1, 2019
Sun, Dec 1, 2019
Sat, Feb 1, 2020**
United Kingdom
Tue, Oct 1, 2019
Sun, Dec 1, 2019
Sat, Feb 1, 2020**
*Non-refundable*Non-refundable**Non-ref. if canceled after Feb 14, 2020

**Non-refundable after February 14, 2020

After you’ve secured your spot at DM 233, make your 3 payments at Student Financials (SASC Building 1st Floor.) In order to make sure the payment goes towards the program and NOT to cover other balances you may have, we strongly recommend you pay in person. Make sure to tell the cashier you are paying your Honors Study Abroad program, and which one is it (E.g. Honors Japan program, Honors UK program, etc.) The charges will be posted to your my.fiu.edu account approximately 21 days prior to the deadline or earlier.


Registration will remain open from Monday through Friday (9:30am-4:30pm) until the programs are full. Email Luli at Luli.szeinblum@fiu.edu to make an appointment.
For information about Study Abroad Scholarships, please contact the Office of Study Abroad (SASC 230) at 305.348.1913 or at edabroad@fiu.edu.

For other questions, please contact Luli Szeinblum at 305.348.4100 or luli.szeinblum@fiu.edu.



Honors College Study Abroad Program

Student Eligibility and Participation Criteria

Academic Standing and Grade Point Average (GPA)

  • Students must be in good standing and maintain a minimum cumulative FIU GPA of 3.2 to participate in Honors College Study Abroad Programs.

Freshmen and Transfer Students

  • Students without an FIU GPA: If space is available, freshmen in their first year who do not yet have an FIU GPA may apply for a Study Abroad program after their Fall grades have been posted. Students must have earned a minimum GPA of 3.2 to apply. Transfer students, with or without a completed AA degree, must have a minimum 3.3 transfer GPA to apply.

Expected Graduation and Excess Credits

  • Participation in a Study Abroad program must not delay the student’s expected graduation date based on the FIU admission term/cohort.
  • Participation in a Study Abroad program must not cause the student to exceed the excess credit threshold. Students who exceed the excess credit threshold will not be approved for participation, even if participation in a Study Abroad program would satisfy pending Honors requirements.

Advisor Clearance

  • All students must obtain advisor clearance prior to securing a spot in a Study Abroad program.

Enrollment Status

  • Only active degree-seeking students will be allowed to enroll in IDH 4007.  Enrollment in IDH 4007 is a prerequisite to IDH 4008.

No exceptions will be made for the above criteria.

Study Abroad Policies

Note: IDH 4007 is the pre-trip class on campus, and IDH 4008 is the actual class abroad.


  • Students that do not comply with the payment due dates stated on honors.fiu.edu/studyabroad, Schedule of Payments section, will be charged by the university a late fee of $100.00.
  • After the due dates there is a 2-week grace period when payments are still allowed (late fee still applies.) Missed payments after exactly those 2 weeks will result in being dropped from IDH 4007 or IDH 4008, depending on the time the payment was missed. Refunds will NOT be awarded.
  • Students are responsible to ensure that any payments made are applied to their study abroad program charges by checking their student account on my.fiu.edu at least 24 hours after the payment was made.  Students who do not comply will be dropped from the program. Refunds will NOT be awarded.
  • Students paying their program through a scholarship are responsible for their payments to be disbursed on time and in their entirety. If the payments were not completed by the deadline, it is the student’s responsibility to notify the Office of Study Abroad (OSA) of the situation. Students who do not comply with the payment deadlines will not be allowed to participate in IDH 4007 and/or IDH 4008. Refunds will NOT be awarded.


  • Students must apply online at abroad.fiu.edu within 2 days of securing their spot. Otherwise, they will lose it.  Refunds will NOT be awarded.
  • ALL Office of Study Abroad (OSA) required documentation for summer 2020 programs, must be uploaded to abroad.fiu.edu by December 1, 2019, 11:59pm, and for winter break session 2019-2020 programs (Honors Costa Rica) by August 1, 2019, 11:59pm. Students who do not comply with the deadline will not be allowed to participate in IDH 4007 and/or IDH 4008. Refunds will NOT be awarded.
  • The documentation required by OSA includes: Medical Form, copy of valid passport, Course Registration Form, and four questionnaires: 1) personal information form, 2) emergency contact form, 3) special needs form, and 4) financial information form.
  • The Medical Form is valid for only one year as of the date it is signed by a physician licensed in the United States and cannot expire before the end of the trip.
  • Passport must remain valid for at least 6 months after the last day of the trip.
  • Students that do not have a valid passport by the deadline mentioned above must instead submit proof that the passport application/renewal process has been initiated and must replace it with a copy of their actual passport no later than the end of IDH 4007. If they fail to comply by the deadline, they will not be allowed to participate in IDH 4008. Refunds will NOT be awarded.ONLY FOR STUDENTS THAT SECURE THEIR SPOT AFTER DECEMBER 6, 2019 (AND JULY 26, 2019 FOR COSTA RICA):

ONLY FOR STUDENTS THAT SECURE THEIR SPOT AFTER DECEMBER 6, 2019 (AND JULY 26, 2019 FOR COSTA RICA):The deadline to upload the required documentation will be extended until March 16, 2020, 11:59pm, and November 4, 2019, 11:59pm respectively (final DROP date). Students that fail to comply by the deadline will not be allowed to participate in IDH 4008. Refunds will NOT be awarded.

  • Students must clear any existing holds by December 1st, 2019, (and August 1, 2019, for Costa Rica.)  Students are responsible for ensuring that they have no new holds before they are registered in IDH 4008. Students that fail to comply by the deadline will not be allowed to participate in IDH 4007 and/or IDH 4008. Refunds will NOT be awarded.


  • Study Abroad programs can be physically demanding. Students must be physically able to participate in the programs.


  • Students must be in good standing and maintain a minimum cumulative FIU GPA of 3.2 to participate in Honors College Study Abroad Programs. Students that fail to comply will not be allowed to participate in IDH 4007 and/or IDH 4008. Refunds will NOT be awarded.
  • A minimum grade of C in IDH 4007 is required to be enrolled in IDH 4008. Refunds will NOT be awarded if the student cannot be enrolled.


  • Students who have been sanctioned under the FIU Student Code of Conduct (https://studentaffairs.fiu.edu/get-support/student-conduct-and-conflict-resolution/student-code-of-conduct%20/_assets/Student-Code-of-Conduct.pdf), which results in loss of privileges and/or other sanctions that result in the student not being considered to be in good standing with the University (e.g., conduct probation,) are not eligible to participate in IDH 4008. Refunds will NOT be awarded.
  • Students studying abroad are expected to represent the Honors College and FIU honorably and maturely. The faculty director and/or staff are authorized to end the trip early for students whose behavior becomes disruptive (and/or whose behavior violates the Student Code of Conduct.)
  • By signing up to participate in a study abroad program, students are assuming all the above-mentioned responsibilities and are committing to comply with them without further notices.