What’s Included

2024 Honors Costa Rica students standing in front of the Arenal Volcano holding an FIU Honors College flag.

We handle almost everything about your learning experience--from accommodations and museum visits to activities and so much more.

  • Accommodations

    You'll stay in a mix of hotels, apartments, and hostels that offer great location and comfort.

  • In-program transportation

    Buses, trains, boats, and planes. You'll experience your destination like the locals do. Programs do not include roundtrip transportation to the start and end of the program.

  • Faculty Director

    Your professor aka Faculty Director is your educator, guide, and expert all in one. They will teach you along the way to help you live like a local.

  • Metro passes

    In select cities, we include a metro pass to give extra freedom to your free time. Your Program Director will orient you to local public transportation, so you can explore with ease and uncover every hidden gem.

  • Experiential learning

    It is one thing to learn about something in books another thing is to experience it. That is the focus of our programs. Students don't just learn about the Mona Lisa, Angkor Wat, and the Arenal Volcano, they see and experience them too. That is priceless.

  • Cultural activities and excursions

    Cultural activities, excursions, and entry fees are included in the program. Learning is not grounded in the classroom. Our programs center activities and trips that give you more of the local flavor while complementing your academic studies. Check "What's included" section of each program's page for specific sites and activities.

  • City walk

    Your Faculty Director will introduce you to each city as you arrive. These walks are meant to get you familiar with the city. Whether they are telling you about the best local restaurants or how to use the Paris Metro, you’ll love these educational city walks.

  • Local guides

    Professional local guides will help you learn and explore some of the most historic and significant places on the planet. These tours give you a local expert perspective.

  • 13+ years of experience

    The Honors College has led study abroad programs since the early 2000s with over 1,500 alumni. We have offered over 10 different domestic and international experiential learning experiences.

  • Expertly crafted itineraries

    Our efficiently planned itineraries get you where you need to go so you are able to do more and waste less time. The goal is to maximize the amount of things you do while traveling.

  • Travel medical insurance

    Since your U.S. based insurance coverage likely does not include studying abroad, all participants in FIU Study Abroad programs receive travel medical insurance from a reputable carrier. Coverage includes an insurance and assistance package including 24/7 emergency support and medical insurance. They provide local medical and security expertise provided globally in any language, anytime 24/7/365.

  • U.S.- based FIU Support Services

    From the moment you apply, the FIU Office of Education Abroad's support services provide pre-departure assistance, academic advice, financial aid transfer, visa assistance, and so much more. They will have regular contact with the program leaders and oversee the administration of the program from the day you are selected to the end of the summer semester.

  • Program Assistant

    Programs with 15+ students have an experienced Program Assistant who travels with the group. The Program Assistant is there to support the Faculty Director with daily logistics, travel needs, supplies, and reservations. They also help manage any unforeseen circumstances.

  • Meals

    Some programs include free breakfast with each morning, your accommodation will provide free breakfast food and drinks, or as we like to call it—travel fuel. Some programs include all meals. Others do not include any meals. Check "What's included" section of each program's page for specific meals that are included.

  • Program Coordinator

    The Honors College has their very own in-house liaison with the Office of Education Abroad to provide students with pre-departure assistance and support services. This individual oversees the administration and logistics of all Honors Study USA and Study Abroad programs.

  • Study Abroad t-shirt

    Students will receive their very own study abroad t-shirt once they completed all requirements before their trip. It is highly encouraged to wear FIU Honors College gear while traveling.

Not Included