2022 Study USA Instructions to Register

How do we secure our spot and keep it?

It works on a first-come, first-served basis!

Prior to registering:

  1. Educate yourself about the different Study USA programs at the CRS and Orlando webpages

  2. Check the Study USA Honors Hour recording HERE!

  3. Make sure you will be able to make your payments and submit your documentation on time. Remember that keeping your spot is contingent on that and payments are non-refundable! This is a big commitment!

  4. Be aware of your destination states’ COVID laws and guidelines and be ready to comply with them

  5. Read the contract carefully (we strongly recommend reading the contract with your parents or with another person or guardian,) and make sure you will be able to comply with its stipulations.

  6. Students must have an 3.2 or higher GPA to be eligible to participate

  7. Schedule your appointment to register by emailing Luli at luli.szeinblum@fiu.edu, including:
    1. Name
    2. PID Number
    3. Honors student / non-Honors student
    4. Availability (Tuesdays and Thursdays are preferred!)
    5. Put your program of choice on the subject field

    Spots are very limited. Appointments work on a first-come, first-served basis! Emails will be answered in the order they were received until programs are full.
  1. Before registering on a Study USA program, non-Honors students are required to send their major’s advisor consent to participate to luli.szeinblum@fiu.edu

  2. Once you get your appointment to register:
    1. Complete the contract.
      1. Read it carefully (we strongly recommend reading the contract with your parents or with another person or guardian,) print it out, initialize it, fill out the bottom part, and sign it by hand
      2. Make a copy

  3. The Study USA online application should only be completed once you have a confirmed or waitlisted appointment to register:
    1. Study USA online applications are reviewed before registration time, so submit it as soon as you get your appointment
      1. For Civil Rights South, apply here: https://hon.fiu.edu/2022crsappl
      2. For Orlando, apply here: https://hon.fiu.edu/2022orlandoappl

Completing the applications and required documentation DOES NOT make you eligible or guarantee you a spot on the program. However, without them, you won’t be able to secure your spot at the time of the appointment.

  1. Get a $250 non-refundable cashier’s check or money order (only forms of payment accepted.) Leave it blank. You can get one at your bank, United States Postal Service office, Publix, CVS, Wells Fargo on campus (only if you have an account there,) etc.

On registration day, ONLY students who signed up online for an appointment will be seen.

On the day of your registration appointment:

  1. Be at DM 233 on time!

  2. Bring the blank $250.00 money order or cashier’s check (ONLY forms of payment accepted.) This is the Honors College administrative fee. This payment will secure you a spot on your program of choice. It is non-refundable and constitutes a serious commitment to the program

  3. Bring the signed contract printed out (original)

  4. Bring a copy of the signed contract printed out

  5. For CRS only: Bring the 250-word paragraph on your reasons to participate in this program

  6. Have submitted the online application. (Applications will be checked before your registration appointed date)

  7. Questions, if any
  • Only students that have an appointment and have done steps 1-14 properly will be registered (as long as there is availability)

  • Students who miss their appointment, are late, or fail to have everything in order, will have to reschedule their appointment at a later date and time. If the program is in high demand, you risk losing your spot altogether, so it is imperative that you complete all these tasks, bring all required documentation and funds, and show up on time

After you’ve been registered:

  1. Keep your good standing with the program by complying with the Honors Study USA Rules and Deadlines (Rules will be up on the website soon)

  2. Upload your documentation (completed forms and waivers) by March 15, 2022

  3. Get your holds cleared by March 15, 2022. Keep them cleared until you’ve been enrolled in the class

  4. We will enroll you, as long as you have complied with all the requirements, payments, and cleared all holds. You do not enroll yourselves. The class will show on your schedules

  5. Comply with the payment deadline on April 1, 2022!

  6. Be readily available if contacted by the Honors College by phone or email!