2022 Study USA Payments

  1. Below is the Schedule of Payments to be followed once you secured your spot with your initial $250 fee

  2. Note that ALL payments are non-refundable

  3. Make your payments at the SASC building cashiers from Mon-Fri, IN PERSON and ON TIME, (ONLY cash, personal checks, OneCard, cashier’s checks, and money order are accepted)
    1. $100.00 late fees and account holds* will be applied when payments are made after the first deadline (April 1, 2022)
      1. *Students cannot be enrolled in their class if they have a hold*
    2. There is a grace period of one week to pay after the respective deadlines (by April 8,) but the late fee will be applied
      Students that fail to make their payments by the extended deadlines will forfeit their paid fees, and their spot will go to another student. Posted charges will not be removed.

  4. Remember you are responsible to ensure with Student Financials that the payment made towards your Study USA program was indeed allocated to that program

  5. If you’re paying your program through a scholarship, it is your responsibility to have the payment made on time and in its entirety. Therefore, it is your responsibility to contact Financial Aid to ensure they will be complying. If any delays are foreseen, it is your responsibility to notify Luli Szeinblum of the situation before the deadline. If the scholarship will not cover the full amount due, it is your responsibility to pay the remaining balance

  6. Tuition fees will be charged to your accounts, separately. The program cost does not include them

  7. Remember once you have been registered, you cannot withdraw, payments are non-refundable, and swapping programs is not allowed

  8. Once charges are posted to your account (approximately 3 weeks before the deadline,) they cannot be removed even if you withdraw from the program or were dropped for lack of payment


    2022 Study USA
    Lump Sum Payment*
    Civil Rights South (GA, AL)
    Fri., April 1, 2022
    Orlando, FL