Marriott to buy Starwood in $12.2B Deal

Marriott International will buy Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide in a cash and stock deal valued at $12.2 billion to create the world's largest hotel chain.

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Chinese Yuan setting up to become Reserve Currency

It now looks likely the yuan will be formally admitted to the IMF's "special drawing rights" currency basket at the end of the month, which would mark a milestone in China's efforts to become a global economic power.

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Walgreens buys Rite Aid in $17.2 billion deal

The $17.2 billion deal puts together the nation's second and third largest pharmacy chains that combined will have nearly 13,000 U.S. stores. That would catapult the merged company above CVS, which has 7,800 stores.

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The Psychology of Penny Stock Pumps

Will following a penny stock newsletter work for you ? In today’s world of digital media you may have seen the rise of many penny stock newsletters and the promised profits for their subscribers. What they wont tell you is that most of these promoters are either profiting by getting into the stock before others or

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February 1st, 2016 General Meeting

HIP General Meeting Information The meeting began with a rundown of the global markets. Companies within the portfolio such as Apple reported earnings. Some of the earnings reports were underwhelming, so we went ahead and tried to see where these companies went wrong (i.e. people not buying an iPhone ‘S’ phone and waiting for the iPhone 7, phone purchasing getting more

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Welcome to the new semester!

HIP General Meeting Information We hope everybody had a wonderful and restful Winter Break. The Executive Board has a lot of exciting activities planned for the portfolio this upcoming semester! We will hold the first HIP General Meeting two weeks from today. That day will be Monday, January 25th, 2016 at 6PM. We are hoping to

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HIP Market Minutes: Introduction

Episode 1: Introduction HIP Market Minutes is a series of videos explaining some of the approaches and strategies used by the club’s very own Fund Managers and Analysts. Together, the financial branch and management branch of the organization will collaborate to provide our members with the high quality content that is keeps the fund moving forward.

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Meeting Recap: 10/26/2015 On Monday, October 26, we presented a “Getting Started” guide to investing in equities. Chief Financial Officer Nico Pasquariello presented a PowerPoint to the group defining the key aspects of getting started. Our next meeting will be held on Monday, November 2nd at 6PM in the Green Library room 266. We hope

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