Content Creators

Group photo of 2024 Honors Study Abroad Content Creators.

Honors Study Abroad Content Creators are passionate student ambassadors that take pride in being FIU Panthers and part of the Honors College. These students love producing program-branded content, discovering new trends on social media, traveling the world like a local, and have a contagious amount of school spirit and Panther Pride.


How it works

We are creating global citizens with eight different programs for FIU Honors College students
to travel and learn around the world. The questions is...which program will you do?

  • Fill out the form to apply

    Application comes out in Spring semester. Only students on Honors Study Abroad programs are eligible. Application opens in March/April for Summer 2025

  • Sit tight while we review your application

    (make sure your social accounts are public!)

  • Create content

    Content creators create four posts and do two story takeovers while on their trip

Program Commitments

- Post a minimum of four posts during Study Abroad or Study USA program on Instagram
- Complete minimum of two Instagram story takeovers during Study Abroad or Study USA program
- Read and adhere to the FIU Brand and content posting guidelines and policies
- Remain in Good Honors standing
- Attend one in-person orientation and one in-person meeting