Honors College Staff

The Honors College Staff can be reached directly via email, in person at DM 233, or by phone at 305-348-4100.

Arlene Garcia
Assistant Dean
Email: argarcia@fiu.edu

Lili Solorzano
Director of Student Services
Email: lsolorza@fiu.edu

Rachelle Metcalfe
Assistant Director of Enrollment Services
Email: rmetcalf@fiu.edu

Grisel d’Elena
Academic Advisor
Email: gdelena@fiu.edu

Brenda Luna
Academic Advisor
Email: brenluna@fiu.edu

Patric Hambleton
Academic Advisor
Email: phamblet@fiu.edu

Umer Rahman
Sr. Coordinator of Honors College at Parkview & Student Programs
Email: urahman@fiu.edu

Luli Szeinblum
Coordinator of Study Abroad & Arts Program
Email: Luli.Szeinblum@fiu.edu

Isabel Green
Career Counselor
Email: igreen@fiu.edu

Allen Varela
Senior Coordinator of Undergraduate Research
Email: alvarel@fiu.edu

Rosie Barredo
Manager of Administrative Services
Email: barredor@fiu.edu

Maria Calero
Office Coordinator
Email: mcalero@fiu.edu

Juan Lopez
Manager of Information Technology
Email: lopezjc@fiu.edu

Ari Sernik
Coordinator of Advancement and Alumni Affairs
Email: asernik@fiu.edu

Belinda Caballero Fernandez
Office Assistant
Email: bcaballe@fiu.edu

Stephanie Fernandez
Office Assistant for Content Management & Communications
Email: stepfern@fiu.edu

Natalie Alonso
Office Assistant for Career Services