• How do I attend an Information Session at the Honors College?

    There’s no better way to learn more about the Honors College than to come by for a visit! RSVPs  are accepted on the Office of Admissions website as a part of their campus plus tour, go to http://admissions.fiu.edu/discover/index.html#Visit, be sure to select Honors.

    Personal appointments are available for those who are on a tight schedule, please email us at hcadmissions@fiu.edu.

  • Is there an additional fee for Honors College courses?

    No, Honors College courses cost the same as any other course at FIU.  Honors courses will usually substitute for particular UCC and GL course requirements; therefore, not incurring additional credits if planned correctly. However, keep in mind that Honors College credits are not exempt from your Excess Credit Counter. See OneStop for more information.

  • I was previously admitted to the Honors College, but did not attend, do I have to apply again?

    Yes, your offer for admission to the Honors College is only good for the semester in which you applied.  If you decide not to join Honors, then your offer is no longer valid and you will need to apply again in the future, with no guarantee of admission.

  • I qualify for automatic admission, do I still need to submit an application?

    Students who are eligible for automatic admission into the Honors College must still submit an application. However, the application is a short version and will not require additional documentation such as essays or the resume. However, to be considered for entry, an application must be submitted through the MyFIU portal. To learn more, please visit our Applying page.

  • May I apply to the Honors College if I am already an FIU student?

    You may apply to the Honors College at any point of your career at FIU; however, you must have enough room in your schedule to complete the Honors College curriculum.  The Honors requirements will depend on your year of entry into the College.

    You will need enough time to complete 12 credits through the Honors College, (3 credits per term).

  • When should I apply for admission to the Honors College, is there a deadline?

    The Honors College accepts applications for FALL admission only. Applications are open October 1st –May 1st every year. The priority consideration deadline is January 15. Transfer students who wish to compete for limited scholarships should apply by the priority deadline date.

  • How do I apply to the Honors College, is there a separate application?

    The Honors College has a separate application from FIU.  You must still be admitted to FIU in order to be admitted to the Honors College.  There is no fee for the Honors College application.

    To apply, please go to Applying.

  • Is the Honors College only open to certain majors?

    Absolutely not! We are open to all majors. The beauty of an Honors education is the exposure students get to other students from majors from all across the university. In the Honors College you are a dual academic citizen: an Honors College student, and a student in your home major. Honors students like to challenge themselves, they like to go beyond what is available and pairing an Honors education with any major at FIU will set you apart from the crowd.

  • How is FIU Honors College different from other Honors programs?

    The Honors College at FIU is unique among its peers.  We have a separate curriculum with our own faculty and administration.  In most Honors programs around the country, students take “honorized” courses; that is, regular courses that are just a little harder for Honors students.  The Honors College at FIU take a different approach to its Honors education.  We feel that a true Honors education is not just about making a one course, in one discipline, harder.  Instead we focus on developing the whole student’s ability to think critically, creatively, and transcend disciplinary silos.

    For more about our courses, visit Course Selection.

  • What are the requirements to join the Honors College?

    To learn more about the requirements to join the Honors College, click here.

  • What are the benefits to joining the Honors College?

    Students who decide to apply to the Honors College, and are ultimately admitted, are those who want to be challenged.  The Honors College provides students with the resources to make the most of their education and truly challenge themselves and excel academically as well as personally.

    For full list of Honors College benefits go to Why Honors?

  • What are the requirements for graduation through the Honors College?

    To receive the notation on your transcript, “Graduated through the Honors College,” you must meet all of the following conditions:

    •Maintained continuous enrollment in the Honors College (until the completion of curricular requirements)

    •Earned a minimum number of credits from the point of entry to the Honors College

    •Freshman = 20 credits

    •Sophomore/Junior/Senior = 12 credits

    •Earned at least a ‘B’ average in all Honors courses

    •Earned a 3.3 FIU GPA.