• How do I attend an Information Session at the Honors College?

    There’s no better way to learn more about the Honors College than to come by for a visit! RSVPs  are accepted on the Office of Admissions website as a part of their campus plus tour, go to http://admissions.fiu.edu/discover/index.html#Visit, be sure to select Honors.

    You can also RSVP by calling the Honors office directly at 305-348-4100.

    Personal appointments are available for those who are on a tight schedule, please email us at hcadmissions@fiu.edu.

  • Is there an additional fee for Honors College courses?

    No, Honors College courses cost the same as any other course at FIU.  The Honors courses will usually substitute other courses; therefore, not incurring any additional credits.

  • I was previously admitted to the Honors College, but did not attend, do I have to apply again?

    Yes, your offer for admission to the Honors College is only good for the semester in which you applied.  If you decide not to join Honors, then your offer is no longer valid and you will need to apply again in the future, with no guarantee of admission.

  • I qualify for automatic admission, do I still need to submit an application?

    Students who are eligible for automatic admission into the Honors College must still submit an application. However, the application is a short version and will not require additional documentation such as essays or the resume. However, to be considered for entry, an application must be submitted through the MyFIU portal. To learn more, please visit our Applying page.

  • May I apply to the Honors College if I am already an FIU student?

    You may apply to the Honors College at any point of your career at FIU; however, you must have enough room in your schedule to complete the Honors College curriculum.  The Honors requirements will depend on your year of entry into the College.

    You will need enough time to complete 12 credits through the Honors College, (3 credits per term).

  • When should I apply for admission to the Honors College, is there a deadline?

    The Honors College accepts applications for FALL admission only. Applications are open October 1st –May 1st every year. The priority consideration deadline is January 15. Transfer students who wish to compete for limited scholarships should apply by the priority deadline date.

    May 15 is the final deadline for applications.

  • How do I apply to the Honors College, is there a separate application?

    The Honors College has a separate application from FIU.  You must still be admitted to FIU in order to be admitted to the Honors College.  There is no fee for the Honors College application.

    To apply, please go to Applying.

  • Is the Honors College only open to certain majors?

    Absolutely not! We are open to all majors. The beauty of an Honors education is the exposure students get to other students from majors from all across the university. In the Honors College you are a dual academic citizen: an Honors College student, and a student in your home major. Honors students like to challenge themselves, they like to go beyond what is available and pairing an Honors education with any major at FIU will set you apart from the crowd.

  • How is FIU Honors College different from other Honors programs?

    The Honors College at FIU is unique among its peers.  We have a separate curriculum with our own faculty and administration.  In most Honors programs around the country, students take “honorized” courses; that is, regular courses that are just a little harder for Honors students.  The Honors College at FIU take a different approach to its Honors education.  We feel that a true Honors education is not just about making a one course, in one discipline, harder.  Instead we focus on developing the whole student’s ability to think critically, creatively, and transcend disciplinary silos.

    For more about our courses, visit Course Selection.

  • What are the requirements to join the Honors College?
    • Incoming Freshmen: 3.5 weighted GPA, 1260 SAT or 27 ACT (preferred profile, not minimum scores required), 500 word essay, personal statement, completed application, resume
    • Transfer Students:  3.3 college GPA, 500 word essay, personal statement, transcript from previous institution(s), completed application, resume
    • Current FIU Students:  3.3 FIU GPA, 500 word essay, personal statement, completed application, resume
  • What are the benefits to joining the Honors College?

    Students who decide to apply to the Honors College, and are ultimately admitted, are those who want to be challenged.  The Honors College provides students with the resources to make the most of their education and truly challenge themselves and excel academically as well as personally.

    For full list of Honors College benefits go to Why Honors?

  • What are the requirements for graduation through the Honors College?

    To receive the notation on your transcript, “Graduated through the Honors College,” you must meet all of the following conditions:

    •Maintained continuous enrollment in the Honors College (until the completion of curricular requirements)

    •Earned a minimum number of credits from the point of entry to the Honors College

    •Freshman = 20 credits

    •Sophomore/Junior/Senior = 12 credits

    •Earned at least a ‘B’ average in all Honors courses

    •Earned a 3.2 FIU GPA.

    •Submitted the Honors College Portfolio


  • What are the requirements to graduate with Summa, Magna, and Cum Laude?
    • Summa Cum Laude: completed 40 semester hours at FIU for which grade points are awarded and a GPA of 3.900 and higher.
    • Magna Cum Laude: completed 40 semester hours at FIU for which grade points are awarded and a GPA of 3.700-3.899.
    • Cum Laude:  completed 40 semester hours at FIU for which grade points are awarded and a GPA of 3.500-3.699.
  • What does it mean to be on Warning/Probation with the Honors College?

    Honors College students are required to maintain a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.2 (reviewed each semester).

  • What if I no longer wish to be in the Honors College?

    Being in the Honors College is a privilege, but it is also a choice.  If you are considering dropping out of the Honors College, please make an appointment to see an Honors Advisor, call 305-348-4100 or go to DM 233.

    NOTE: You must meet with an Honors Advisor before your Honors course is dropped.  If you do not meet with an Honors Advisor, you may still be enrolled in an Honors course and be financially responsible for it.

  • What is the Honors College Portfolio?

    All Honors College students must present, before graduation, a portfolio of the work they have done over their years in the College.  The portfolio is an opportunity for students to showcase what they have learned and how they have met the College’s five areas of learning that represent the goals of the Honors curriculum.

    For a full description of the requirement, please go to Honors College Portfolio. All documents must be submitted by the end of the semester. The due date will vary each semester.

    Please call or email Academic Advisor, Grisel d’Elena, if you have any questions or concerns: 305-348-6184 or gdelena@fiu.edu

  • How are Honors students recognized at graduation?

    Before all the frenzy of the large FIU commencement ceremony, the Honors College hosts a special, intimate reception, for students, family and friends on a designated day.  The Honors College Graduation Assembly is the time when each individual student is recognized and they receive their Honors College medallion and tassel to wear at graduation, and a certificate commemorating your graduation through the Honors College.

    During the regular commencement exercises, Honors College students are the first to go across the stage and receive special recognition from the president.

  • What is the process for graduation?

    Graduation is not automatic, you must apply for it.  To apply, log into MyFIU, click Campus Solution Self Service > Degree Progress/Graduation > Apply for Graduation and then follow the on-screen instructions

    Once you have completed the online process, you will be contacted by the Honors College regarding the next steps.  If you do not hear from the Honors College two weeks after the deadline to apply for graduation has passed, please call the main offices at 305-348-4100.

  • What if I have a time conflict with my Honors course?

    Honors College seminars are yearlong (fall and spring) and involve yearlong projects and course work. It is an Honors College policy that students cannot switch their Honors seminar between a fall and spring semester, unless it conflicts with a course required for graduation. If you were placed in an Honors course that conflicts with a course required for graduation, please contact an Honors College Advisor by calling 305-348-4100 to schedule an appointment. Students who attend a campus other than MMC can request a phone appointment.

  • How do I select my Honors College courses?

    All returning Honors College students and newly admitted Honors College students receive permission to enroll in IDH coursework using their MyFIU portal during fall registration. Read all class notes for detailed course information. Honors seminars may vary in topics and themes. To view course selections, click here.

    To ensure students are properly placed in the second half of their yearlong seminar, the Honors College will enroll students during spring registration. Summer enrollment is handled in a similar way: Students are responsible for Summer A registration and the Honors College will process Summer B registration.

  • How do I make an appointment to meet with an advisor in the Honors College?

    Honors College students can receive individualized advising in DM 233. Please call 305-348-4100 to schedule an appointment. Students who attend a campus other than MMC can request a phone appointment.

  • What other degree/major requirements may be fulfilled with my Honors courses?

    For a full list of the various ways in which the upper-division Honors courses count in different majors, please go to Honors Equivalency.

  • What Honors courses fulfill University Core Curriculum requirements?

    For a full description of Honors course equivalencies, please refer to the Honors Equivalency page on this website by clicking on Honors Equivalency.

  • Do my Honors Courses count toward the Global Learning Requirement?

    Yes! For a full list of the courses that count and their equivalent, please go to Honors Equivalency.


  • How can I apply for Honors College scholarships?
  • Do students automatically receive a scholarship for being admitted into the Honors College?

    The Honors College offers a number of competitive scholarships to admitted students.

    The Honors College has scholarships available to transfer students from in-state and out-of-state colleges. There are also a number of competitive scholarships available to current Honors College students each academic year.

    Please refer to a list of detailed scholarships for current and transfer students below:

    All Honors Students: http://honors.fiu.edu/all-honors-students-scholarships/
    College Transfer Scholarships: http://honors.fiu.edu/college-transfer-scholarships/
    Other Scholarship Resources: http://honors.fiu.edu/other-scholarship-resources/


  • How would I know if I am a first-generation scholar?
    1. You are a first generation scholar if neither of your parents completed a four-year degree (bachelor’s). A formal description can be found at the Florida Department of Education Office of Student Financial Assistance at https://www.floridastudentfinancialaidsg.org/home/1stGen_faq.asp
    2. Your FAFSA must correctly show this information.   Mark the highest academic level achieved by your most educated parent—or legal guardian.  If neither of your parents or guardians have completed a four-year college degree, mark completed education = high school.
    3. Student must also be eligible to receive a Pell grant and have unmet need.
  • What is the difference between a donor-based scholarship and an admissions-based scholarship?
    1. Donor-based scholarships can be applied AFTER one is admitted to FIU and are typically awarded by the Honors College.
      1. http://honors.fiu.edu/scholarships
    2. Admissions-based scholarships are awarded only at the point of admission to the university and are administered by the Office of Admissions
      1. http://admissions.fiu.edu/costs-and-aid/scholarships/index.html
  • What are the different types of scholarships FIU has to offer?

    FIU has an online scholarship application tool available for all new and returning FIU students called AcademicWorks. This tool will allow you to search and apply for Honors scholarships and other scholarships at FIU.

    To start a scholarship application on AcademicWorks students need to:

    1. Login at fiu.academicworks.com with your MyAccounts username and password. (You must have already activated your FIU e-mail account and have a Panther ID number)
    2. Fill out the general scholarship application. AcademicWorks will search the database of awards and recommend scholarships you may be eligible to apply for.
    3. Use the search feature to search for scholarships. For Honors student only scholarships, type “Honors College” in the search tab.
  • Admissions-Based Scholarships for Transfer Students
    • Transfer students applying to the Honors College may qualify for admissions-based scholarships
    • Your application to the Honors College will also serve as your scholarship application
      • No additional application is needed
      • Two letters of recommendation from previous instructors* sent to the attention of:
      • Honors Admissions Committee
        Honors College
        11200 SW 8th Street, DM 233
        Miami, FL 33199

        *Instructors may also send a scanned PDF version to hcadmissions@fiu.edu

  • How do I document my Community Service Hours?

    To document your community service hours, log into MyHonors and go to Engagement > Add Volunteer Hours. You must submit the contact information for your reference.

  • What is the Community Service Requirement for the Honors College and how do I fulfill it?

    Being an Honor student is more than just seeking academically challenging experiences, it’s also about giving back.  The Honors College volunteering requirement is meant to get you outside of the classroom, giving back to your community.  We ask that you commit at least 20 hours per academic year to these endeavors.  There are many ways you can get involved, local food banks, religious organizations, etc.  If you’re not sure what to do, visit with the coordinator of student programs, or call 305-348-4100.  The Honors College has many community initiatives of which you can partake, specifically, with the City of Sweetwater (e.g., internships, tutoring, computer classes for the elderly, citizenship classes, etc).

  • Why does the Honors College have an Engagement Requirement?

    The Honors College experience is more than just providing you with a challenging and enlightening curriculum, it’s also about giving back.  In the Honors College we strive to build a sense of community, the kind you get at a small liberal arts college, but with all the resources of a major public university.  Our events, workshops, and activities are all designed with the purpose of enriching your life and giving you an experience that transcends mere classroom learning.  We hope that you will take advantage of all these opportunities to learn and grow.

  • What is the engagement requirement and how do I fulfill it?

    All Honors College students are expected to attend a minimum number of Honors College events. For a full description of the requirement go to Engagement. To keep track of your Engagement points, log on to MyHonors.

  • Honors College Research Scholarship Guidelines and Application
    • Applicants must be currently enrolled in the Honors College.

    • The proposal must be approved by the student’s faculty research advisor before submission.

    • Applicants must submit the scholarship application and budget form and any other supporting documents electronically.

    • Applicants must provide a justification for each item to be purchased.

    • Only items listed approved as allowable costs can be purchased.

    • Indicate if any budget items will be supported from another source (e.g., your college, department, faculty grant, or personal funds).

    • Students must submit a progress report to the ARCH office at the end of the fall semester that has been already approved by their faculty research advisor.

    • At the completion of the project, scholarship recipients must submit a detailed two‐page summary for approval by the faculty research advisor describing the results/outcomes  of the project. The report must then be turned in to the ARCH office for final approval.

    • Projects involving human subjects, vertebrate animals, or recombinant DNA require approval by the FIU Institutional Review Board.
    • Students are required to present their work at the FIU Undergraduate Research conference in the spring.
  • What is ARCH?

    The Advanced Research and Creativity in Honors (ARCH) program provides opportunities to Honors College students to engage in supervised research and creative projects under the supervision of FIU faculty experts from all academic areas. Students register for IDH 4905 and take a series of online workshops on research methods. They then present their work at the annual FIU Undergraduate Research Conference. Students can take ARCH for zero credit or they can take it for credit to satisfy their Honors junior or senior year requirement. ARCH program students will be required to write a thesis and present their work at the annual FIU Undergraduate Research Conference. If the department does not have a thesis, capstone, or senior project option, Honors requirements will apply.

  • What is undergraduate research at the Honors College?

    Undergraduate research can be defined as the opportunity to contribute toward an academic discipline with a project or creative work under the guidance of a FIU faculty member.

  • How do I conduct undergraduate research at the Honors College?

    – The ARCH program
    – Departmental Thesis/Capstone
    – Summer Research Programs (REU’s)
    – Research Abroad
    – Independent Study
    – H2G Fellowship
    – Creative work
    – Model UN
    – McNair

  • I see two options in the ARCH Application. What is the difference between them?

    Option 1 Students may choose to satisfy the fourth year of the Honors curriculum by completing an Honors thesis, capstone, or design project. Some departments have formally established policies for these options (e.g. Psychology, Biology, Engineering, International Relations, Religious Studies, Geology, & Journalism). Students who complete the departmental Honors requirements and present at the FIU Undergraduate Research Conference in the spring semester are considered to have completed the fourth-year requirement for the Honors College. Students who wish to complete this option must submit this online form, including details of your research project.

    Option 2 If your application is accepted, you will be registered for three credit hours per term and be required to attend five one-hour workshops both the fall and spring semesters, for a total of six credit hours. ARCH projects must be presented at the annual FIU Undergraduate Research Conference. This form must be signed by your advisor and the ARCH Director with research project topic details. The completed research is submitted to the Honors College in a bound format. The completed ARCH Thesis is normally in the range of thirty pages (10,000 words), excluding diagrams and illustrations. The work must use all correct standards for a research document, including citation, grammar, and spelling. You will be required to complete an online mid-project report and a final report in addition to grading this project.

  • Did you know you can fulfill your fourth year requirement by completing a departmental thesis?

    If your plan of study allows you the option of preparing a thesis in your department, you can submit the thesis to the Honors College to fulfill the fourth year requirement through the ARCH Program. To get credit, departmental thesis students are required to participate in the Florida International University Undergraduate Research Conference presenting a poster and an oral presentation. Students must submit a copy of their thesis approved by their research advisor or committee to the Honors College for final review.

    Your department may have a different kind of capstone or senior project roughly equivalent to a departmental thesis. Please consult with the Honors College ARCH office to find out if one of the other options can fulfill the fourth year requirement.

  • How do I select this option?

    Access the ARCH student registration page, linked here:


  • Do I need to come up with a topic and/or advisor?

    Try to narrow down your interests by brainstorming with colleagues. Click here to research articles from FIU Library. Please login to FIU Library for access.
    Review previous research projects from scholarly journals and research conferences.

    Click here to search in the Honors Faculty Affiliate Database. This database lists FIU faculty members and their contact information. Please note that the ARCH advisor DOES NOT have to come from this list.

    Contact Dr. JuanCarlos Espinosa (espinosj@fiu.edu) or Allen Varela (alvarel@fiu.edu) for assistance in narrowing down a topic.

  • What if I cannot find a FIU faculty member to be my advisor?

    Click here to search in the Honors Faculty Affiliate Database. This database lists FIU faculty members and their contact information. Please note that the ARCH advisor DOES NOT have to come from this list.

    Contact Dr. JuanCarlos Espinosa (espinosj@fiu.edu) or Allen Varela (alvarel@fiu.edu) for assistance in narrowing down a topic.

  • Can I use research I conducted at another university or during a summer research program as an ARCH project to fulfill the Honors College fourth year requirement? Can I use the work to participate in ARCH for zero credit?

    That depends. You must submit your work for review by the ARCH office for approval.

  • Can I work with a research advisor at another university and still participate in ARCH?

    If your project is approved, you will need to have an FIU professor or graduate student in your field a secondary advisor.

  • I already have over 15 credits. Can I enroll in ARCH for zero credit?

    Upon request, Honors College students can register for zero credit in ARCH. Please note that zero credit ARCH will NOT count towards graduation requirements with the Honors College, but will appear on your transcript.

  • Will I have to attend a class for ARCH?

    ARCH Scholars are registered for a web-assisted class in both Fall and Spring semesters. There are two separate sections, STEM and non-STEM.

    ARCH Scholars will meet in person five times throughout the academic year and are expected to attend the workshops. Contact Allen Varela (alvarel@fiu.edu) if the workshops conflict with your schedule.

    Scholars completing a departmental honors thesis or zero credit independent study will NOT be registered for the ARCH class, but are expected to attend the workshops on creating an academic poster and the poster review session in the Spring semester.

    We print one poster, but it must be submitted two weeks prior to the FIU Undergraduate Research Conference.

  • I completed ARCH for credit last year, can I complete ARCH again and receive credit?

    Honors Students can only receive credit for ARCH once.

    The Departmental Honors Thesis can fulfill the fourth year requirement. However, not every FIU college offers a thesis option for graduation.

  • How much time will I have to dedicate for my ARCH project?

    The ARCH Scholar and Advisor deliberate on the schedule. On average, the ARCH Scholar and Advisor work 20 hours per week on the project.

  • What if I have to change my ARCH project?

    Before the Fall Semester, submit another ARCH Application with details about the new project.

    During the Fall Semester, contact the ARCH professor to update the project.
    Please note that once the final abstract is submitted, then changes cannot be made to the ARCH project.

    If the change is due to circumstances beyond your control, contact Dr. JuanCarlos Espinosa (espinosj@fiu.edu) or Allen Varela (alvarel@fiu.edu) for assistance.

    We may allow changes to an ARCH project on a case by case basis.

  • What if I do not abide by the ARCH guidelines?

    If the ARCH scholar fails to fulfill his/her responsibilities outlined in the agreement, then he/she will receive an automatic failure for the program. The ARCH Scholar may also be dismissed from the Honors College.

    If the ARCH advisor fails to fulfill his/her responsibilities outlined in the agreement, then the student has to contact Allen Varela or Dr. JuanCarlos Espinosa for assistance.