Honors Policies

Honors Course Grades

All Honors College students are required to earn a minimum passing grade of “C” in their Honors (IDH) courses. Any non-passing grade of D, F, or F0 will result in automatic dismissal from the Honors College and the removal of any IDH course(s) from the student’s schedule registered for the following term. The student will have the opportunity, prior to dismissal from the Honors College, to meet with an Honors College academic advisor to discuss any extenuating circumstances that may have negatively impacted their academic performance. The student will be notified by email to their FIU student email address of the deadline by which they must meet with an advisor. Consideration of extenuating circumstances will typically be limited to health/medical reasons or death of an immediate family member.

Warning, Probation, & Academic Dismissal

Student Conduct and Honor Code

All Honors students must be familiar with the contents of the Student Conduct and Honor Code so they know the policies and expectations for being a member of the FIU community. Please review the Student Conduct and Honor Code here: https://studentaffairs.fiu.edu/get-support/student-conduct-and-academic-integrity/student-conduct-and-honor-code/_assets/fiu-the-code-2020.pdf

Any Honors College student that is found responsible for an Academic Misconduct Violation will be dismissed from the Honors College immediately upon notification of findings.