Must RSVP by Friday Oct. 31 @ 5:00pm. Note: MMC & BBC bus stops have separate RSVPs.
Study Abroad Alumni Fundraising

Study Abroad Alumni Fundraising

Studying abroad is the single most compelling and educational experience for college students. The Honors College is helping to fulfill the mission of FIU to create globally aware and sensitive citizens by offering intensive study abroad programs on three continents. Our goal is to enable every Honors student to have this great opportunity. But most of our students can't afford to do this. Help us help the many deserving students who could benefit from our Worlds Ahead research-oriented programs in other countries.
Local Foundation Announces Events to Benefit Community

Local Foundation Announces Events to Benefit Community

Honors College board member, Raul Rodriguez, heads the Li'l Abner Foundation to improve the lives of local residents.
Honors Wins Homecoming Tailgate Contest!

Honors Wins Homecoming Tailgate Contest!

IDH 1001, IDH 1002: The Origin of Ideas and the Idea of Origins

IDH 1001, IDH 1002: The Origin of Ideas and the Idea of Origins

The course is designed to encourage students to become self-conscious learners, exploring not only the what, but also the how and why of knowing. The course focuses on the nature of truth and reality and our role in the world each of us has constructed.
Young Honors College Alumnus Changes Lives With Life Insurance

Young Honors College Alumnus Changes Lives With Life Insurance

Meet Monuments Men Author Robert Edsel

Meet Monuments Men Author Robert Edsel

Only 25 spots available so RSVP ASAP!!



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Baptist Health, Procter & Gamble, and Chrysler Group seek Honors College interns through Dinner with Future Leaders events

In the month of September, three corporations individually participated in FIU Honors College’s Dinner with Future Leaders event, an experience that brings companies and students together for conversation in a small, intimate setting. Baptist Health Systems Ralph Rios, Vice President of Professional Service at West Kendall Baptist Hospital and also an Honors College Community Advisory… Learn more »

Sculpture joins Honors College’s growing art collection

Local artist Beatriz Gerenstein has donated her bronze sculpture, The Third Partner, to the Honors College at Florida International University. The sculpture joins the Honors College’s growing collection of pieces by prestigious international artists.  Gerenstein, originally from Argentina, trained alongside recognized artists in numerous countries and now calls Miami home. Specializing in bronze sculptures and… Learn more »

Four Honors College students named Worlds Ahead Scholars

Worlds Ahead Scholars are chosen each year based on their outstanding efforts. Winners have: won awards, or special recognition, for their academic work or community service; completed groundbreaking or unusual research projects; overcome great personal or physical obstacles to complete their education; started their own businesses or were very involved in service organizations while enrolled… Learn more »


November 5, 2014

December 5, 2014

  1. Relaxation Session
    Time: 2:00 pm

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October 30, 2014

October 31, 2014

November 2, 2014

  1. FIU Jazz Guitar Ensemble
    Time: 3:00 pm

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Joel Gandara Alumnus


Joel Gandara (’03) is a Honors College alum and the founder of Underwear Station Inc., a wholesale distributor and manufacturer of men’s underwear and swimwear. Gandara is a case study in the fruits of persistence. Founded while he was still an FIU student, Underwear Station didn’t become the industry powerhouse it is today overnight.
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Dale Parsan STUDENT

Dale Parsan Picture


Dale Parsan is the owner and founder of Parsan’s Paddles, a business specializing in custom paddles for fraternities and sororities. Now in its third year of operations, Parsan’s Paddles caters to a significant niche market here at FIU. Necessity is the mother of invention and, during the spring semester of 2009, Dale found himself in need: “The problem was that paddles had such a negative-stigma about them and I wanted to take my gift to my Big Brother in a much grander direction.”

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John Tsalikis Faculty

John Tsalikis is an Honors College Fellow and an Associate Professor of Marketing in FIU’s College of Business. Into his third decade as an educator, he is consistently rated one of the university’s best professors, Tsalikis is also a prolific researcher, having published several articles and books. The Greek native takes a global perspective to the subtle nuances of business.  Full profile »

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