is the graduation rate impacted by taking Honors courses
Honors is Excellence
Students who have taken even one Honors College course graduate at a 20% higher rate than their comparable peers.
average tuition cost per student
Honors is Affordable
An FIU education costs $6,506 per year. Our students do not incur additional costs by taking an Honors course.
of Honors College students are involved in STEM-related programs
Honors is Building Great Things
Nearly 50% of Honors College students are involved in STEM-related programs.
of Honors College students participate in FIU community events
Honors Community Generates Opportunities
Research has shown that increased student involvement leads to greater student success. Our College has the most involved student community at FIU.

In February, Pamela Lopez presented at the 13th annual Alumni of Color Conference, hosted by the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Lopez was the first applicant from FIU ever selected to participate, and one of only a few undergraduates. Of over 500 participants, 90% were Harvard affiliates and 95% were postgraduates. Lopez’ contribution to the conference, the theme of which was The Other Narrative: Celebrating Untold Stories, was a 45-minute lecture that included case studies and original poetry concerning the culture of violence in ostracized minorities. Pam’s attendance was made possible by a generous gift from an anonymous Honors supporter.

Summa Cum Laude –
Spring 2015

Summa Cum Laude –
Fall 2014

Summa Cum Laude –
Spring 2014

Summa Cum Laude – Summer 2013

Summa Cum Laude – Summer 2012

Summa Cum Laude –
Winter 2011