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Full NameCollegeDepartmentDisciplinePhoneRoomE-mailTopic InterestsSkills needed
Mahir AbrarEngineering and ComputingElectrical and Computer EngineeringElectrical and Computer EngineeringN/AN/Amabrar@fiu.eduPhotovoltaic Solar Cells, Perovskite
Saheed AderintoSteven J. Green School of International and Public AffairsHistoryHistory305-348-2328DM 385Bsaheed.aderinto@fiu.eduProfessor Saheed Aderinto, Founding President of the Lagos Studies Association, is the author of Animality and Colonial Subjecthood in Africa: The Human and Nonhuman Creatures of Nigeria (Ohio University Press/New African Histories Series, 2022), Guns and Society in Colonial Nigeria: Firearms, Culture, and Public Order (Indiana University Press, January 2018), and When Sex Threatened the State: Illicit Sexuality, Nationalism, and Politics in Colonial Nigeria, 1900-1958 (University of Illinois Press, 2015), which won the 2016 Nigerian Studies Association's Book Award Prize for the “most important scholarly book/work on Nigeria published in English language." Professor Aderinto has edited and co-edited a number of books, and his work has appeared in leading Africanist and specialist journals including, the Canadian Journal of African Studies; Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History; Journal of the History of Sexuality; Journal of Colonialism and Colonial History; History in Africa: A Journal of Method; Frontiers: A Journal of Women's Studies; Africa: The Journal of the International African Institute; the Journal of Social History; and the Journal of the History of Childhood and Youth, among others. Currently, Professor Aderinto is writing a book and making a documentary about the history of Fuji, an African music and popular culture. Personal Website:
Historical research. Reading and analyzing texts.
Alexander AgoulnikHerbert Wertheim College of MedicineHuman and Molecular GeneticsHuman Molecular Genetics305-348-0570AHC1 419Baagoulni@fiu.eduRelaxant hormone signaling Hormonal effects in reproduction.Transgenic manipulations of mouse genome. Prerequisites are: basic molecular-genetic techniques mouse handling. Bench work in the lab and research experiments.
Imran AhmadChaplin School of Hospitality and Tourism ManagementHospitality ManagementFood Industry in general, consumer studies, food science, food safety305-919-4533HM221iahmad@fiu.eduI am particularly interested in quantitative research in the areas mentioned above. This includes, but not limited to, innovative food product development including clean label applications, strategies to protect foods and enhance shelf-life, developing systems to assess food quality and consumer studies such as sensory panels. The student should have interest in the food industry and has a willingness to learn data analysis and work with laboratory instruments. My work is on inter disciplinary nature, therefore, knowledge of chemistry and biology is a must.
Iqbal AkhtarSteven J. Green School of International and Public AffairsReligious StudiesReligious Studies305-348-2186DM 359Biakhtar@fiu.eduKhoja history, Islamic political thought, Indian and East African HistoryTranslation, Field work, library research, etc.
Alliete Rodriguez AlfanoNicole Wertheim College of Nursing and Health SciencesCommunication Sciences and DisordersBilingualism, speech development, hearing loss, assessment of speech-language disorders305-348-0362AHC3 437aalfano@fiu.eduMy main research interests involve bilingual speech and language development in children, both with and without hearing loss, auditory rehabilitation for people with hearing loss, and Spanish assessment development and/or adaptations.Ability to attend weekly Zoom meetings CITI training completed or able to complete Bilingual in English and Spanish a plus but not required Strong writing skills and the ability to write independently within specified topics.
Dallin AlldredgeBusinessFinanceFinance305-348-6649RB 240Adalldred@fiu.eduMy research interests are in empirical investments and corporate finance. I enjoy examining financial asset pricing anomalies and exploring how market participants (e.g. insider traders and financial institutions) trade when stocks are mispriced.Students need to be comfortable with Excel and willing to collect data from a Bloomberg terminal.
Timothy AllenArts, Sciences and EducationPsychologyNeuroscience and Behavior305-348-8425AHC4 314tallen@fiu.eduSee for up to date information. The Neurocircuitry & Cognition Lab contributes to understanding how the hippocampus and the prefrontal cortex give rise to cognition and behavior using the latest anatomical, surgical, neurophysiological, pharmacological, viral, opto- and chemo-genetic approaches. My emphasis is on the circuitry of agranular medial prefrontal cortex (mPFC), the hippocampus (HC), and mPFC-HC interactions involving the nucleus reuniens of the thalamus (RE) and perirhinal cortex (PER). Dysfunction in this system has been linked to the cognitive symptoms in several disorders including but not limited to frontotemporal dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, schizophrenia, and epilepsy. The lab is unique by innovating a cross-species neurobehavioral research platform for greater translational value that runs experiments in rodents (small animals), pigs, and humans (target species). Our goal with all this is to help understand the brain, and benefit medical diagnostics and therapeutics.Strong academic record in STEM courses buffered with a broad liberal arts education. Working toward graduate school in a related discipline (e.g., neuroscience, biomedical engineering, biochemistry, psychology, etc.) and/or medical school. Bench experience and MATLAB or Python experience helpful but not required.
M. Hadi AminiEngineering and ComputingSchool of Computing and Information SciencesOptimization, Machine Learning, Data Analytics, Distributed Computing and Intelligence, Distributed Sensing, Critical Infrastructure Resilience, Smart Cities305-348-9936CASE 238Amoamini@fiu.eduTheory: theoretical optimization and learning algorithms, distributed algorithms, sensor networks, interdependent networks, and cyberphysical resilience. Application: healthcare, social network, energy systems, transportation electrification. Research Directions: Optimization, Machine Learning, Data Analytics, Distributed Computing and Intelligence, Distributed Sensing, Critical Infrastructure Resilience, Smart Cities.Please see lab website and email the mentor for more information:
Astrid ArrarasSteven J. Green School of International and Public AffairsPolitics and International RelationsPolitical Science305-348-1692SIPA 408arrarasa@fiu.eduDemocratization, human rights, social movements, and political violence and revolutions.Library research.
Daniel BagnerArts, Sciences and EducationPsychologyClinical Child Psychology305-348-7548DM 142dbagner@fiu.eduChild externalizing behavior problems, parent-training interventions, and infant development.Library research, participant recruitment, and coding videotapes of parent-child interactions.
Lorraine BahrickArts, Sciences and EducationPsychologyDevelopmental Psychology305-348-3380DM 263bahrickl@fiu.eduInfant perceptual and cognitive development, face perception inter-sensory perception autism memory development.Library, running subjects, recruiting subjects, data tabulation, research lab meetings and clerical (photocopying).
Christopher BaralotoArts, Sciences and EducationBiological SciencesBiology, Botany, Ecology, and Environment Topics305-348-4027OE 243, VH 137cbaralot@fiu.eduProjects involving outside landscape mapping, as a complement to Grove ReLeaf with an eye to calculating the eco-benefits of urban forest cover.

In the new ICTB herbarium, a student researcher can work on describing collections to be integrated in coming months.

Project on the traits of Artocarpus (breadfruit) with wood and leaf material collected and in our freezer from Maui.
Interest in environment, ecology, and plants
Manuel Alejandro BarbieriArts, Sciences and EducationBiological SciencesCellular and Molecular Biology305-348-7535AHC1 318Cbarbieri@fiu.eduCellular and molecular biology; biochemistryExperience will include lab research and hands-on experiments.
Noel C. BarengoHerbert Wertheim College of MedicineMedical EducationPublic health, clinical epidemiology, diabetes, physical activity, smoking cessation305-842-9526AHC1 342nbarengo@fiu.eduMy primary research interests are prevention and control of diabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular diseases. Furthermore, my scientific research has been focused on how to control and improve lifestyle habits and risk factors of non-communicable diseases in the population and high-risk groups.Basic skills in epidemiology, research methods. I do not work in a lab but do epidemiological analysis of publicly available data bases (already collected data).
Abhijit BaruaBusinessSchool of AccountingAccounting305-348-3404MANGO 342baruaa@fiu.eduEarnings management. Corporate governanceRead related chapters from his textbook and accounting standards; Collect data by searching SEC websites; Do statistical analysis; Write up a paper
Janki BhimaniEngineering and ComputingSchool of Computing and Information SciencesComputer Science305-348-9934CASE 238Bjbhimani@fiu.eduPrimary research focus - Flash-Based Storage Systems, Big Data Processing, Cloud Computing, High-Performance Computing, Parallel and Distributed Computing, Performance Modeling, Resource Management, and Capacity Planning for various emerging inter-disciplinary research domains. will provide more information about our on-going projects. Please email for more information.
Charles BiggerArts, Sciences and EducationBiological SciencesBiology/Immunology305-348-3100MARC 278biggerc@fiu.eduVarious immune defenses of marine invertebrates, environmental influences on immune defenses, and invertebrate genetics.Running experiments on campus or library research.
Heather BlattArts, Sciences and EducationEnglishMedieval literature305-348-4583DM 467Bhblatt@fiu.eduMedieval English literature and language; book and reading history; medieval food cultureLibrary research, language work, and writing.
Werner U. BoeglinArts, Sciences and EducationPhysicsPhysics305-348-1711CP 236boeglinw@fiu.eduExperimental Nuclear and Plasma PhysicsN/A
Richard BoneArts, Sciences and EducationPhysicsPhysics305-348-3082CP 213boner@fiu.eduPhysics of human vision Macular pigment and age-related macular degeneration.Running experiments and data analysis.
Alicia Boymelgreen (Aron)Engineering and ComputingMechanical and Materials EngineeringMicrofluidics, Soft Matter, Active matter, Micro/nanoplastics305-348-3696EC Impact of Micro and Nanoplastics on early stage development of marine species: In this project, we expose fish embryos and larvae to micro/nanoplastics and examine how the plastics accumulate in the fish and the impact on their development. The project will involve learning fabrication of microfluidic systems, optical microscopy, programming in MATLAB including image anaylsis. #2 Individual and collective behavior of active colloids Active colloids are small particles ( usually 3-15um in diameter) which draw energy from their surroundings and convert it into mechanical energy. Single particles will move in random paths while concentrated systems with many particles will exhibit collective behavior often observed in nature like swarming and clustering. In this project, we explore the motion of metallodielectric Janus particles (comprised of one dielectric (insulating) and one metallic (conducting) hemisphere under applied electric fields and measure the mobility of single particles and collective systems as a function of electric field frequency, particle size, concentration.Students should possess at least some of the following skills and have a willingness to learn other skills listed Technical Skills: Knowledge of Partial differential equations, Fluid dynamics (not compulsory but helpful), Programming (MATLAB/Mathematica/Python). Soft skills: Critical analysis, strong writing and communication skills - including preparation of scientific reports and oral presentations using PPT, team player, shows initiative and responsibility for work.
Anna BrickerEngineering and ComputingCivil and Environmental EngineeringAir quality monitoring, air pollution dispersion, chemical transformation of pollutants in the environment, analytical chemistry.305-348-3825EC 3746abernard@fiu.eduDispersion and chemical transformation of pollutants in ambient air. Indoor air pollution. Molecular markers to trace pollutants in the environment. Applications of chemistry principles in environmental engineering analysis and remediation processes.Persistence, organization, creativity, judgment. Basic wet analysis laboratory skills.
David BrownHerbert Wertheim College of MedicineHumanities, Health, and SocietyMobile Health Technology (mHealth) / Social Determinants of Health / Integrated Care / Family Medicine 305-348-1476AHC2"FIU Thrive is a project funded by the Florida Department of Health and Centers (FDOH) for Disease Control (CDC). The goal is to develop a digital social work assistant, a mobile health (mHealth) application (app) and research database enabled by cutting- edge artificial intelligence that will consider the range of factors that affect patients’ health and provide personalized care plans and tailored resource and service navigation. Our data platform will incorporate systematic social determinants of health (SDOH) assessment, health risk modeling, health education, identification of social needs, motivational interviewing (MI)-assisted goal setting, personalized care plans, precision service intervention, and follow up.
- Experience in creating software screen/ app wireframes and mock ups of screens
- We need the student to be able to speak and write in Spanish
- Assist (with training) in creating development deliverables including user personas, journey maps, workflow maps, use cases (user scenarios).
- Potential and other software design and development tasks subject to student interest and available time.
Jeremy ChambersRobert Stempel College of Public Health and Social WorkEnvironmental Health SciencesMitochondria-Cell Communication305-348-4648AHC4 232jwchambe@fiu.eduMitochondrial signaling cascades that control cancer cell metabolism. Mitochondrial signaling events that promote aging and Parkinson's disease. Constructing methods to detect protein-protein interactions in real-time.There is no pre-requisite course work that I require for a student to join my lab. I only expect students to be motivated to perform biomedical research. My lab personnel and I will provide them with all of the training they require to perform research in my lab. Literature based research, running experiments in biochemistry and cell biology, attending seminars related to research, and potentially attending meetings and seminars at the mentor's discretion.
Kevin Brown ChandlerHerbert Wertheim College of MedicineTranslational MedicineHead and neck cancer, glycobiology305-348-9136AHC5 255kchandle@fiu.eduMy long-term research interests are to pursue a mechanistic understanding of how protein glycosylation alters cellular signaling and adhesion in cancer, and to apply this knowledge to improve cancer diagnosis and treatment. The goal of my current research is to understand how N-glycosylation regulates (1) vascular endothelial growth factor receptor (VEGFR2) mediated angiogenic signaling in colorectal cancer, and (2) epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) signaling in oral squamous cell carcinoma (OSCC). My work on the role of sialic acid modifications in VEGFR2 signaling provides a key link between immune and angiogenic signaling and has been cited by leaders in angiogenesis research.Persistence, communication, curiosity
Prem ChapagainArts, Sciences and EducationBiomolecular Sciences InstituteTheoretical Biophysics305-348-6266CP 230chapagap@fiu.eduViruses, proteins, membranes, drug design, computer simulations, Molecular Biophysics, BiochemistryNo prior skills are needed but some background in science is expected
Peter J. ClarkeEngineering and ComputingSchool of Computing and Information SciencesSoftware Engineering/Software Testing305-348-2440CASE 212Aclarkep@cis.fiu.eduModel-Driven Software Engineering, testing in CS1-CS3, and prediction of faulty software components.Completion of the following courses: Software Engineering I and Introduction to Software Testing.
Erika ColesArts, Sciences and EducationPsychologyClinical Child Psychology305-348-4087AHC1 139ecoles@fiu.eduBehavioral treatments for ADHD.Interested in collaborating with a student on a project utilizing our Saturday Treatment Program. Library research, direct treatment delivery as a paraprofessional, and data collection.
Helen Z CornelyNicole Wertheim College of Nursing and Health SciencesPhysical TherapyPhysical Therapy and Gerontology305-348-1968AHC3 538Acornelyh@fiu.eduFall preventions and balance interventions for older adults, health promotion through physical activity in older adults with or without chronic disease, and self-management programs.Literature reviews, getting research articles, field work with exercise or health promotion programs, data collection, and data entry.
Stefany CoxeArts, Sciences and EducationPsychologyQuantitative psychology, applied statistics, psychometrics305-348-1827DM 275scoxe@fiu.eduEvaluating and applying advanced statistical methods in psychology. This includes data analysis, statistical simulations, and tools to aid in understanding and conducting analyses.Students should have completed at least STA 2122 (Introduction to Statistics) and PSY 3211 (Research Methods and Data Analysis in Psychology I). Students should be interested in statistics and data analysis. Students should have some background in or interest in learning about statistical software like R.
Elizabeth CramerArts, Sciences and EducationTeaching and LearningSpecial Education305-348-2425ZEB 345Acramere@fiu.eduOverrepresentation of minority students in special education; inclusion of diverse students with exceptionalities; general education teacher preparation to effectively instruct students with disabilities.Library research, school based observations and interviews, and data analysis.
Viet Cuong NguyenEngineering and ComputingSchool of Computing and Information SciencesMachine learning, artificial intelligence305-348-7984CASE 254Avienguye@fiu.eduMy research interests include all aspects of machine learning and artificial intelligence, with possible applications in computer vision or medical image data. The students can learn to apply machine learning techniques to make predictions on real-world datasets.To join the lab, prospective students should have a good programming experience (ideally completed some undergraduate programming courses) and a reasonable background in calculus/statistics.
Krishnan DandapaniBusinessFinanceFinance305-348-4241RB*Design and Evaluation of Global Pension Systems to eliminate Poverty.
*Financial Fraud
*Financial Technology
Debra DavisEngineering and ComputingSchool of Computing and Information SciencesHuman-Computer Interaction, Computer Science Education305-348-1219CASE 342Adledavis@fiu.eduHuman-Computer Interaction, User Experience Research, Computer Science Education, Online Learning, and Cognitive DevelopmentLibrary research, running experiments, data analysis, possibly user experience design (if appropriate for the project)
Matthew DeGennaroArts, Sciences and EducationBiological SciencesGenetics, Mosquito Behavior, Olfaction, Coral photosymbiosis305-348-1358AHC1"Understanding how mosquitoes sense humans.

Understanding how the human skin microbiome regulates mosquito behavior.

Social aspects of mosquito oviposition behavior.

Vector ecology of Aedes aegypti in South Florida.

Mechanism of Cnidarian symbiosis."
1 year commitment, 10 to 20 hours per week of volunteer service, interest in learning molecular genetic methods in biology.
Erica del RiegoHonors CollegeHonors CollegeEnglish, Communications, Education, Food Studies305-608-8135N/Aerdelrie@fiu.eduCurrent research interests and publications are in Digital Game-Based Learning, Digital Literacy, Literacy Instruction in Linguistically Diverse Classrooms (specifically in schools serving Hispanic communities), Role of the Family in Education, Schools as Community Historians: Oral History Projects in Secondary Schools, English Language Arts Curriculum Development, and Food StudiesSkills ● Communication & Listening Skills ● Research Skills ● Critical Analysis Skills ● Organization ● Time Management ● Integrity and Empathy ● Attention to Detail ● Strategic Thinking ● Public speaking & presentation skills
Andrea Denise RaymondHerbert Wertheim College of MedicineImmunology and NanomedicineImmunology; Virology; Neurobiology; Substance abuse (Opiates and Marijuana) ; Biomarkers of HIV-associated diseases; Exosome Biology954-270-6964AHC1 446adraymon@fiu.eduResearch interests lay in understanding how exosomes contribute to antiviral innate immunity and HIV-associated pathologies in the context of substance abuse. Student project: Study how immune activation modulates the content and functional effects of exosomes derived from B-cells and/or brain cells.Skills needed to join the lab include an understanding of molecular biology techniques and using web-based Bioinformatic databases(web-gestalt, DIANA, etc.) to analyze data. Computer, math skills, and an understanding of basic lab techniques and procedures are needed. Graduate students will train the student in cell culture, SDS/PAGE, Western blots, and digital droplet PCR(ddPCR). The student project should ideally be completed within a 1-year time frame.
Maria De Los SantosNicole Wertheim College of Nursing and Health SciencesNursing and Health SciencesNursing305-348-7703AHC3 322Adelossan@fiu.eduMotivation for behavior change for improved health outcomes; health promotion; illness preventionLiterature review, development of a data collection instrument, development of theoretical
framework, determining methodology to be utilized, data collection, interpretation of data, IRB application and manuscript development for publication.
Russell DinnageArts, Sciences and EducationBiological SciencesEvolutionary Biology; Ecology; Computational Biology; Phylogenetics; Statistics; Machine Learning786-956-9089OE 163rdinnage@fiu.eduMy research interests are in computational evolutionary biology and ecology. I work with data on many different types of organisms and work on developing methods to use this data to answer questions in evolutionary biology and ecology. The specific themes I tend to work on are how we can link organism's traits and the properties of environments to understand how species are distributed on Earth, as well as understanding the history of evolutionary processes that have led species to have their current distributions and biological traits, and doing so at very large scales and with very large amounts of data. Practically speaking this involves a lot of data science, statistics and computer programming. I have a particular interest in applying deep learning methods to biology, and applying biological concepts to advance computational methods (e.g. optimization), in other words, using computation to study biology, and using biology to study computation.Computational skills are a must, in particular, experience with a scientific programming language such as R, Python, or Julia. No previous knowledge of biology is actually necessary, but and interest in evolutionary biology, ecology, and the big questions about life on Earth does help.
Markus DowneyEngineering and ComputingMechanical and Materials EngineeringComposite and Nanocomposite Materials; Polymers; Thermomechanical Materials Characterization; Graphene Nanoplatelets; Six Sigma305-348-0198EC"'- Composite materials and nano-composite material characterization and synthesis
- Thermo-mechanical analysis techniques (DMA, DSC, TGA, TMA)
- Six sigma methodology "
Currently I am a teaching faculty without laboratory facilities. I could function as an advisor to research project and would be open to working in conjunction with other faculty with lab facility.
Juan Carlos EspinosaSteven J. Green School of International and Public AffairsThe Honors CollegeComparative Politics305-348-6795DM 353espinosj@fiu.eduPolitical culture and politics and the artsStudents with an interest in the intersection of politics and culture. They should have well-developed research skills, be inquisitive, creative, and open to interdisciplinary approaches to their chosen topic. Students must be capable of library and online research, and will attend occasional field trips to sites in the South Florida area.
Scott H. FingerhutLawLaw and Honors CollegeCriminal Constitutional Law, Criminal Procedure, Judicial Process And Policy, Trial Practice, Pretrial Litigation And Advocacy305-348-7541RDB 1021fingerhut@fiu.eduApplication of the scientific method to law enforcement determinations of reasonable suspicion to detain and probable cause to arrest.The project is limited only by the student's imagination. At a minimum, though, it will require legal research and writing, along with oral presentations.
Leslie FrazierArts, Sciences and EducationPsychologyDevelopmental Health Psychology305-348-2045DM 260frazier@fiu.eduAny topic having to do with psychosocial influences on health, well-being, and quality of lifeFor an Honors research project, I would expect a student to generate a research idea and develop it into a feasible research study which they would then conduct, analyze, and write up as a scientific conference presentation or publication
Stacy FrazierArts, Sciences and EducationPsychologyApplied Social and Cultural Psychology305-348-4818DM 286slfrazi@fiu.eduI direct a program of research to support youth service systems in communities where structural racism and systemic injustice contribute to mental health disparities. Through community-engaged research and mixed method designs, I seek to center and amplify the voices of youth care providers in non-specialty settings (e.g., afterschool programs) serving Black & Latinx communities that have been underserved by systems of care and under-represented in psychological science.Critical and compassionate thinking
Jose GabilondoCommunication, Architecture + The ArtsLawLaw305-348-5943RDB 2042gabilond@fiu.eduCorporate and international finance and Cuban legal studies.The full range of research and writing activities. Organization, strong writing skills, personal maturity, and quantitative skills are desired.
Trudy GaillardNicole Wertheim College of Nursing and Health SciencesUndergraduate NursingResearch, Older adults, community based participatory research305-348-7818AHC3 240tgaillar@fiu.eduI currently have a grant from the NIA to explore barriers, facilitators and motivators to research participation of older adults. We will be conducting focus groups with participants and a family members to explore these issues.I would like bilingual persons to assist in recruiting African Americans, Haitian Creole and Hispanic/Latino/Latinax older adults and a family member to the above research project. In addition, they should be willing to provide reports, be a part of a research team. They will server as focus group facilators, be able to assist with zoom meetings, be friendly and professional. Finally, they will be involved in assisting older adults in completing online survey about healthy aging.
Tatiana Gaona NarvaezArts, Sciences and EducationEarth and EnvironmentSedimentology, stratigraphy, chemostratigraphy, invertebrate paleontology (Cretaceous bivalves)305-348-3614AHC5 382tgaona@fiu.eduStratigraphy, sedimentology, and paleontology of South America, South Florida, and the Caribbean region. Cretaceous Anoxic Events and petroleum geology.To be registered or have passed the Stratigraphy, Petrography, or History of Life courses.
Sebastian Garcia-DastugueBusinessMarketing and LogisticsTechnology-driven Innovation, Supply Chain Management, Logistics, Blockchain305-348-4195RB 347Bsgarciad@fiu.eduHis main area of research is how technology innovations impact supply chain management. His interest in innovation is twofold: examining how technology innovations disrupt supply chains, and also how supply chain professionals can assess and communicate these disruptions.N/A
Ruben GarroteSteven J. Green School of International and Public AffairsThe Honors CollegeReligious Studies305-348-1620DM 246garroter@fiu.eduClassical and Religs of Mythology, Church and StateN/A
Bernard GerstmanArts, Sciences and EducationPhysics and Honors CollegeBio Physics305-348-3115CP 232gerstman@fiu.eduProtein folding, protein aggregation, and protein engineeringComputer modeling.
Anuradha GodavartyEngineering and ComputingBiomedical EngineeringNear-Infrared Optical Imaging, Cancer imaging, Diabetic foot ulcers & wound monitoring305-348-7340EC 2675godavart@fiu.eduOur Optical Imaging Laboratory focuses on various clinical applications of near-infrared optical imaging technology. Some of the key ongoing projects include: Development of hand-held and smartphone based optical devices for non-contact imaging of tissues. Development of potential biomarkers for assessing diabetic foot ulcers via physiological imaging for tissue oxygenation changes (in collaboration with Univ of Miami Wound Care Center) Correlation of radiation dermatitis and tissue oxygenation changes in radiation-therapy treated cancer subjects (in collaboration with Miami Cancer Institute)One or more of the following: * Hands-on experimental skills * Data management * Programming skills - Matlab, Python/C-Sharp, App development * Clinical coordination * Electrical circuits * Fundamentals of biomedical optics * Writing/Presentation skills * Team work ability And more important than all - self-motivation and interest to learn any of the above skills (even if you have none).
Juan Carlos GomezLawLawImmigration Law, Human Rights, Constitutional Law305-348-7541RDB 1010jcagomez@fiu.eduPopulations being persecuted in Refugee/Migrant Producing Countries. Causes of Systemic Dysfunctions in Countries that Produce Refugees/Migrants. Possible Solutions to Causes of Outward Migration in Refugee/Migrant Producing Countries. Constitutional Law
Liana GonzalezArts, Sciences and EducationTeaching and LearningSpecial Education305-348-6667ZEB 248Blgonzal@fiu.eduInclusion of students with disabilities, teacher preparation/retention, and teaching in multicultural, urban settingsLibrary research.
Gueo GrantcharovArts, Sciences, and EducationMathematics and StatisticsGeometry305-348-3796DM 419Dgrantchg@fiu.eduPure mathematics related to Geometry.Problem solving skills, mathematical background in most of the 1000 or 2000 level courses.
Paulo GrazianoArts, Sciences and EducationPsychologyClinical Psychology305-348-4007AHC4 459pgrazian@fiu.eduPediatric Obesity; Early intervention for children with disruptive behavior problems; various research topics within the context of my lab researchNeed to be familiar with research methods; data entry/checking; coding of videos; literature review
Robert HackerStartUP FIUOffice of Research and Economic DevelopmentTechnology, science, computational models, innovation305-742-8222MARC 331RHacker@fiu.eduAgent-based modeling for social problems Water systems Government policy 21st century education Cognition, complexity and computation Systems thinkingAbove average intelligence Self-directed learner Social skills
Abderrachid HamraniEngineering and ComputingMechanical and Materials EngineeringComputational mechanicsN/AN/Ahamrani.abderrachid@gmail.comPhysics Based Machine Learning: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are revolutionizing problem solving across several domains, including computational mechanics. We have already seen preliminary successes in the use of machine learning techniques within the computational sciences, such as the use of surrogate models for fast evaluation, improved accuracy in reduced-order modeling, and simplifications of workflows. The initial promise of machine learning techniques in better and faster solutions for physics problems offer the hope for future many possible technical advances.- Self-motivated, focused and hard-working individuals with an ability for creative and innovative thinking. - Applicants with good academic backgrounds from Computer Science, Applied Mathematics, Applied Physics, Mechanical engineering.
Jin HeArts, Sciences and EducationPhysicsBiophysics/nanoscience/nanobiotechnology305-348-4376CP 227jinhe@fiu.eduStudy molecular interaction and reaction in a confined nanospace. Develop single-entity detection methods Apply nanobiotechnology to cellular biology and tissue engineering.N/A
Xudong HeEngineering and ComputingSchool of Computing and Information SciencesComputer Science305-348-1831CASE 364hex@cs.fiu.eduSoftware system modeling, analysis, and developmentA student needs to have solid computer science background, strong analytic ability, and wants to pursue a graduate degree in computer science. Performing formal model modeling and analysis of software systems; and building software systems.
Michael HeithausArts, Sciences and EducationBiological SciencesMarine Biology/Ecology305-348-2864CASE 453heithaus@fiu.eduPredator-Prey Interactions; Trophic Structure; Animal BehaviorField work, Lab work, Literature Search, Data Analysis, Manuscript Preparation
Kenneth R. HenryBusinessSchool of AccountingAccounting Information Systems305-348-4210MANGO 330henryk@fiu.eduInter-Organizational systems pattern matching case-based reasoning.Library research.
Deidra HodgesEngineering and ComputingElectrical and Computer EngineeringElectrical Engineering305-348-5091EC 3984dhodges@fiu.eduQuantum Circuits, Optoelectronic Devices, Photovoltaics and Radiation Detectors (

Thin Film Photovoltaics and Radiation Detectors Research Group:
Gail HollanderSteven J. Green School of International and Public AffairsGlobal and Sociocultural StudiesGeography305-348-2593SIPA 319hollande@fiu.eduAgriculture and food studies; climate change and urban studies.Library research; archival document research; interviews and field work
Jennifer HoustonArts, Sciences and Education/BusinessPsychology and Marketing & Logistics-- Leadership
-- Management/Human Resources
-- Organizational Behavior
-- Marketing Strategies
-- Consumer Behavior
-- eSports Marketing
-- Motivation & Emotion
-- Teamwork
-- Memory, Cognition, Neuropsychology
-- I/O Psychology
-- Personality
-- Occupational Health
-- Stress & Coping
-- Mental Health
N/AN/ Applied memory research and post traumatic stress in the workplace
-- Teamwork, inclusion, gender equality, etcetera in the eSports industry
-- Mental health in any form
I am open to a variety of skill sets. Aspiring mentees should come with their own ideas for research.
Amy HusebyArts, Sciences and EducationEnglishEnglish language & literature; literature and culture of the long nineteenth century, especially the British empire; gender and sexuality; politics and aesthetics; history of science305-348-2874AC1 354 (BBC), DM 467A (MMC)ahuseby@fiu.eduBritish literature of the long nineteenth century, emphasis on poetry, prosody, and poetics; gender and sexuality; indigeneity, race, colonialism, and empire studies; science and technology studies, especially ecocriticism, social sciences, and mathematics; social justice and political economy; biopoliticsUse of library databases
Familiarity with citation methods (specifically MLA and CMS)
Ability to write literary or historicized analysis and criticism
Joshua HutchesonEngineering and ComputingBiomedical EngineeringCardiovascular disease mechanisms and diagnostics305-348-0157EC 2612jhutches@fiu.eduOur research goals are to understand the mechanisms through which cells maintain and remodel tissues in order to diagnose, prevent, and treat cardiovascular disease.Curiosity
Krishnaswamy JayachandranArts, Sciences and EducationEarth and EnvironmentEnvironmental Microbiology, Soil Science, Agroecology, Sustainable Agriculture786-382-1777AHC5"Soil Microbiology
Sustainable Agriculture
Climate Smart Agriculture"
Good Laboratory Practice
Sumit Kumar JhaEngineering and ComputingSchool of Computing and Information SciencesLarge Language Models, ChatGPT, Diffusion ModelsN/ACAS 384jha@cs.fiu.eduWe are interested in building, understanding and employing large language models, such as ChatGPT and other generative models, such as StableDiffusion. Please see papers here: https://sumitkumarjha.com1. Interest in a career in research, e.g., becoming a professor, research scientist, government scientist, research labs, corporate research.

2. Interest in pursuing doctoral studies in computer science at FIU.

3. Either a strong programming background or a strong background in mathematics, but not necessarily both.
Suman KakarSteven J. Green School of International and Public AffairsCriminal JusticeCriminal Justice305-348-5992PCA 352Bkakars@fiu.eduLaw, medicine, crime, juvenile justice, domestic violence, and police.Library research field research and phone/in-person surveys/interviews.
Mohammadamin KharrazEngineering and ComputingSchool of Computing and Information SciencesSystems SecurityN/ACASE 320mkharraz@fiu.edu1. Web security
2. Malware Analysis
3. AI for cybersecurity
We always look for highly motivated undergraduate students to help us on in our cybersecurity projects. The basic requirements is to have some CS background and be interested on applied problems. You can take a look at our publication and projects at https://kharraz.orgor Send us an email at if you would seek for opportunities.
Nagesh KolishettiHerbert Wertheim College of MedicineImmunology and NanomedicineDrug delivery, polymers, nanomedicine, formulations305-348-0458AHC1 417Bnkolishe@fiu.eduNagesh Kolishetti, PhD, is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Immunology and Nano-Medince at the College of Medicine, FIU. Kolishetti completed his Masters in Chemistry and Ph.D in the area of Polymer Science. Kolishetti's postdoctoral training was focused in the areas of Nanomedicine and Drug Delivery. Before joining FIU, Kolishetti was leading the chemistry division at Partikula LLC, a startup company focused in developing mitochondria targeted therapeutics, platinum prodrugs and metabolic modulators. Kolishetti's current research focus is in the areas of drug delivery and nanomedicine using polymeric and metallic nanoparticles with applications in cancer and HIV therapies.Motivation to learn and don't leave things in between once started. Research experience in lab is a plus.
Jason KostrnaArts, Sciences and EducationTeaching & LearningKinesiology and Exercise Science, Psychology305-919-4074AC1 320jkostrna@fiu.edu1. Sport Psychology - effects of (and interventions on) stress and resultant emotions on decision-making and performance
2. Exercise Psychology - effects of (and interventions on) sociocognitive determinants of physical activity behavior
The research laboratory is located at the Biscayne Bay Campus and while daily attendance at BBC is not required, frequent (typically twice a week) attendance is required. Potential students are encouraged to complete the CITI training program for ethical conduct in Human Subjects Research (HSR), the Social-Behavioral-Educational (SBE) track, as soon as possible. CITI is partnered with FIU and should be no cost to the student. Experience with sport and exercise populations, CPR, and/or first-aid training is preferred but not required.
Alex KrasnokEngineering and ComputingECEQuantum/OpticsN/AEC 3202Cakrasnok@fiu.eduThe Quantum Technology and Metamaterials (QTM) research laboratory, under the guidance of Professor Alex Krasnok [], operates within the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Florida International University (FIU). Our primary focus is on investigating quantum technologies and metamaterials, with a strong commitment to fostering innovations in diverse fields.Background in Physics and Mathematics Programming and Computational Skills Laboratory Techniques and Experimental Skills Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving
George J. KyparisisBusinessInformation Systems and Business AnalyticsInformation Systems and Business Analytics305-348-3403RB 204Bkyparis@fiu.eduResearch in the area of mathematical scheduling.Computer programming in Excel/Basic etc.
Fenfei LengArts, Sciences and EducationChemistry and BiochemistryBiochemistry305-348-3277AHC4 222lengf@fiu.eduTranscription-coupled DNA supercoiling and Protein-DNA interaction.N/A
Arturo S. LeonEngineering and ComputingCivil and Environmental EngineeringFlood Control, Stormwater management, Extreme events Modeling305-348-1370EC 3361arleon@fiu.eduSmart and resilient flood control, mitigation of violent geysers (air-water flows), optimal reservoir operation under uncertainty, sustainable stormwater management, computational hydraulics (CFD) and physical modeling of hydraulic structures. More at: Highly-motivated students (2) MATLAB experience is desirable but not necessary
Robert LickliterArts, Sciences and EducationPsychologyDevelopmental Psychobiology305-348-3441DM 249licklite@fiu.eduDevelopment of perception fetal learning and memory (animal).Completed research methods and statistics course.
Wei-Chiang LinEngineering and ComputingBiomedical EngineeringBiomedical Engineering305-348-6112EC 2673wclin@fiu.eduOptical diagnosis Pediatric brain tumors Pediatric epilepsy.Optical diagnosis; students should take BME 4562, Biomedical Optics, to enhance their knowledge about optical engineering. Literature search, design, and build prototype instrument (with other graduate students), and discuss research findings with the group.
Yuan LiuArts, Sciences and EducationChemistry and BiochemistryBiochemistry, Molecular Biology, Pharmacology, and Toxicology305-348-3628CP 338Byualiu@fiu.eduStudy on trinucleotide repeat instability via DNA damage and repair that is associated with human neurodegenerative disease and cancer.Students are expected to do their work on the bench.
Tara LoughreyArts, Sciences and EducationPsychologyBehavior Analysis305-348-2868DM 202tloughre@fiu.eduBehavior analysis applications for parent training, telehealth behavioral health treatment modalities, as well as applications of Skinner's verbal behavior.Familiarity with single case design and applied research.
Todd MakseSteven J. Green School of International and Public AffairsPolitics and International RelationsPolitical Science305-348-8451SIPA 405tmakse@fiu.eduElections and voting behavior, legislative politics, public opinionI would expect the student to have taken American Government (POS 2041), one or more upper-level courses in the area relevant to the research project (e.g. POS 3424, 3443, 4122, 4233). Methods of Political Analysis (POS 3703) would be desirable but not necessary. Library research, online research, data entry using Excel.
Anna Maria FinoArts, Sciences and EducationMathematics and StatisticsMathematics305-348-7099DM 419Bafino@fiu.eduDifferential Geometry, Complex Geometry, Lie groupsReading books and papers
Niurca MarquezHonors College/Steven J. Green School of International and Public Affairs Honors College/Religious StudiesInterdisciplinary/Transdisciplinary in Practice as Research and Participatory Action Research, Research Creation, DEI in Design, Collaborative and/or Generative Approaches to Problem-solving, Movement Studies, Religious Studies (Diasporic Religious Practices), and Womanism305-348-4100DM or niurcaelie@gmail.comPractice as Research and Participatory Action Research Research Creation Emergent Strategies DEI in Design Identity and Intercultural Communication Collaborative and/or Generative Approaches to Problem-solving Operationalizing Conceptual Frameworks Epistemology of Dance Choreographic Frameworks for Wicked Problems The Body and Ritual Diasporic Religious Practices Embodiment/Embodied Learning Womanism Interdisciplinarity and Transdisciplinarity.No prerequisite skills. Only a willingness to engage in deep inquiry.
Yamile MarreroNicole Wertheim College of Nursing and Health SciencesHealth Services AdministrationHealth Services Administration305-919-4471AC1 362Ayamile.marrero@fiu.edu1. Aftermath of Roe vs Wade
2. Aftermath of Affirmative Action being struck down (re: collegiate enrollment)
3. Ground floor research and tabulation of findings
4. Dissemination of tables and findings
5. Potential writing of paper for publication
1. Interest in the topics
2. Desire to expand knowledge base and to share findings with others
Jose MartinezHerbert Wertheim College of MedicineInternal MedicineMedicine/Cardiology/ Occupational Health/Healthcare Administration954-304-2796AHC2Jose.MartinezElejalde@baptisthealth.netClinical Applied Medical Cardiology Case StudiesData Analysis
Lindsey B. MaxwellSteven J. Green School of International and Public AffairsHistoryReligious History and History of Education, Digital History, Network Analysis, Social Studies Secondary Education, Gaming Studies305-348-0179SIPAII 331lmaxwell@fiu.eduMy interests are divided into two major branches: 1) The history of homeschooling, particularly by studying the formation of social networks through periodicals and literature. I am interested in how these networks shaped American politics, religion, and education policy in the late twentieth/twenty-first centuries. 2) Gaming as a form of historical literature. I teach a "History Through Gaming" course and am interested in the transformative presentation of history as mediated by video games and other emergent digital platforms. I especially welcome studies that focus on the integration of gaming and the humanities.Depending on the topic: Library and/or archival research, scanning & digitization of historical documents, data entry using Excel, solid writing and communication skills.
Bruce Mc CordArts, Sciences and EducationChemistry and BiochemistryAnalytical/Forensic Chemistry305-348-7543CP 313mccordb@fiu.eduGenetic typing of nucleic acids, microfluidic detection of drugs in body fluids, electrospray mass spectrometry, and nanomolecular devices.Running experiments under the supervision of myself and advanced graduate students.
Anthony McgoronEngineering and ComputingBiomedical EngineeringImage Guided Therapy for Cancer305-348-1352EC 2442mcgorona@fiu.edu1. Image Guided Therapy: Drug delivery/drug development for cancer imaging and therapy 2. Molecular Imaging: Nuclear Medicine and Optical Imaging 3. NanotechnologyNanoparticle based drug development for simultaneous imaging and therapy. Students will learn cell culture techniques. Should know how to use Excel, PowerPoint, and Matlab. Students would assist graduate students in the laboratory with their experiments. This may be theoretical (computational modeling, computer algorithms, etc.), wet lab (simple chemistry, cell culture, drug dosing, cell toxicity assays). Mechanically building or assembling devices or instruments necessary for the research. Ordering materials in the lab. Keeping inventory. Helping to keep the laboratory maintained. Students will do literature search, compile data, and learn to present data.
Assefa MelesseArts, Sciences and EducationEarth and EnvironmentEnvironmental Studies305-348-6518CASE 168melessea@fiu.eduSpatially distributed watershed modeling, geospatial applications to hydrology, wetland restoration evaluation, vegetation pattern, and hydraulic response modeling.Library research, field experimenting, and modeling.
Mohiaddin MessbahiSteven J. Green School of International and Public AffairsPolitics and International RelationsInternational Relations305-348-1857SIPA 435mesbahim@fiu.eduCulture and religion in int'L relations, Islam and world politics, int'L relations of Central Asia, and Middle East national security studies.Library research.
Eric MessersmithSteven J. Green School of International and Public AffairsAsian StudiesAsian Studies305-348-2186DM 342Cmesserse@fiu.eduZen Buddhism, tea Ceremony, and martial arts.Library research and field work
Jaroslava MiksovskaArts, Sciences and EducationChemistry and BiochemistryBiophysics305-798-0792CP 328miksovsk@fiu.eduCharacterization structure dynamic function relationship in heme proteins and calcium transducer using time resolved spectroscopic technique with combination with molecular dynamic simulations. Specifically we are insterested in: I) structural features that modulate protein enzymatic activity and signaling processes. II) molecular mechanism of allosteric control in neuronal calcium sensors iii) the role of neuronal calcium sensors in neurotoxicity"basic computer skills including data analysis in Microsoft Excel
interest in biomolecular sciences
lab experience (general chemistry, biology etc)"
Audrey MillerNicole Wertheim College of Nursing and Health SciencesNursing and Health SciencesNursing305-348-4570AHC3 525Aapemille@fiu.eduPreventive health care for Children. Oral health care for Children nutrition. Sickle Cell Anemia.Preventive health care for Children. The student must have a working knowledge on literature review and search and an interest in children's health. Library research, literature review, and data collection.
De Etta MillsArts, Sciences and EducationBiological SciencesBiology/IFRI305-348-7410OE 118millsd@fiu.eduMolecular DNA profiling of soil microbial communities, non-human DNA profiling for equine, bovine and avian forensics.Running experiments.
Matthew C. MirowLawLawLaw, Legal History, Latin American Law305-348-8347RDB 2063mirowm@fiu.eduLatin American constitutional law, and legal history.Running experiments.
Anthony MiyazakiBusinessMarketing and LogisticsMarketing 305-348-2571RB 333miyazaki@fiu.eduCommunication of risk information for products and services; privacy issues in online marketing; pricing practices of service firms.Assist in development of research scope; conduct some library research; help in collecting, coding, and analyzing data; assist in writing research paper.
Rebecca MojicaNicole Wertheim College of Nursing and Health SciencesOccupational TherapyOccupational Therapy Adult Rehabilitation , Management305-348-8122AHC3 421remoji@fiu.eduCulture & Diversity Occupation Based Interventions Mental Health Aging in PlaceN/A
Michaela Moura-KocogluArts, Sciences and EducationCenter for Women's and Gender StudiesFeminist Theory; Gender Violence; Gender Dimension of Genocide; Indigenous Feminism and Literature305-348-1201DM 210mmoura@fiu.eduWomen and Genocide Global Online Gender Violence Indigenous FeminismIdeal candidates have taken at least one Women's and Gender Studies course, and an interest in gender/ social justice issues. Expectations: Well-developed research skills (library and online); conduct interviews or surveys; solid writing skills.
Andre NaranjoArts, Sciences and EducationBiological SciencesBiology, Botany, Ecology, and Environment Topics305-348-2201OE 232anaranjo@fiu.eduAndre Naranjo is the Botanical Curator of the Wertheim Conservatory. A Miami native, with a PhD from University of Florida, he joined FIU in 2022. Research involves phylogenetics and biogeography of plants in the North American Coastal Plain and Caribbean Biodiversity hotspots.
He is interested in engaging honors students to increase awareness of endangered ecosystems and species in South Florida and surrounding areas.
At the International Center for Tropical Botany, one may join in studies of tropical plant classification, working with either living plants or herbarium specimens, or both.
Interest in botany, ecology, and environment
Rajamani NarayananArts, Sciences and EducationPhysicsTheoretical Nuclear Physics305-348-1012ASTRO 204narayanr@fiu.eduTheory of elementary particles (quarks, electrons etc.) and the evolution of the universe close to the big-bang era.Use visualization techniques on the computer to understand some properties of elementary particles in nature.
Eliza NelsonArts, Science and EducationPsychologyDevelopmental Science, Cognitive Neuroscience305-348-4894DM 206elnelson@fiu.eduLaterality and fine motor skill in children and nonhuman primates. Visit for more information.For child research: complete required online CITI trainings, and be fingerprinted/complete background check to work in MDCPS. For monkey research: complete required online CITI trainings, attend safety seminar provided by Monkey Jungle staff, provide proof of negative TB skin test, and provide proof of COVID-19 primary vaccine series to work in animal areas. All prospective research assistants must have basic computer skills. Transportation is required to be able to participate in data collection off-campus. Preferred qualifications: experience working with children and/or animals, depending on interests.
Marilys NepomechieCommunication, Architecture + The ArtsSchool of ArchitectureArchitecture305-348-1887PCA 283Bnepomech@fiu.eduMid-century architecture and Miami and Havana hotel architecture housingLibrary research, Digital model building, and Interviews/ filming.
William NewburryBusinessBusinessManagement and International Business305-348-1103MANGO 446newburry@fiu.eduFactors influencing corporate reputations of emerging market multinationals and operational difficulties of emerging market multinationals (e.g., Multilatinas) when they invest in developed countries.Either of the topics above. Student would need the ability and motivation to conduct secondary research, along with some basic exposure to the process of questionnaire development. Student must be able to perform library research, questionnaire development and administration.
Diann NewmanChaplin School of Hospitality and Tourism ManagementSchool of Hospitality and Tourism ManagementHuman Relations/Organizational Behavior305-919-4523HM 214newmand@fiu.eduEmotional Intelligence leadership.Library research and data collection.
Kevin O'SheaArts, Sciences and EducationChemistry and BiochemistryOrganic Chemistry305-348-3968CP 310osheak@fiu.eduPhotochemistry and environmental chemistry.Literature search and laboratory work.
Olatokunbo OsibogunRobert Stempel College of Public Health and Social WorkEpidemiologyPublic Health, Epidemiology305-348-7826AHC5 481oosibogu@fiu.eduCardiovascular health, Tobacco control, Women's healthStatistical skills, literature review
Nezih PalaEngineering and ComputingElectrical and Computer EngineeringEngineering305-348-3016EC3975npala@fiu.eduIndoor localization for smart building applications. Portable biosensors. Portable THZ cameras for security imaging.Designing and implementing circuits, programming.
Andrea PatruccoBusinessMarketing and LogisticsSupply Chain Management, Public Procurement305-348-5044RB"My research interests are in the field of management of buyer-supplier relationships in both the private and public sectors. So, my research interests are at the intersection of supply chain management and public policy.
I am one of the academic leaders of the International Research Study on Public Procurement Research group, and I actively collaborate with government organizations in the United States, such as the National Association of State Procurement Officers and the National Institute of Government Purchasing."
My research is mostly quantitative and survey-based. So basic statistical skills are required for data analysis, together with the willingness to conduct survey-based research
Amy Paul-WardNicole Wertheim College of Nursing and Health SciencesOccupational TherapyOccupational Therapy And Medical Anthropology305-348-3104AHC3 424Apaulward@fiu.eduUnderstanding the experience of adolescents in foster care and improving the transitional outcomes of adolescents leaving the foster care system.Literature reviews, questionnaire development, one on one interviews with participants, and data entry.
Frederick PerryBusinessSchool of AccountingLegal Environment of Business305-348-2581MANGO 328fvperry@fiu.eduThe International Law of TerrorismN/A
Jeremy PettitArts, Sciences and EducationPsychologyClinical Psychology305-348-1671AHC1 249Ajpettit@fiu.eduDepression and suicide-related behaviorsMust have some prior research experience in psychology and depends on the nature of the project.
Garrett PiermanSteven J. Green School of International and Public AffairsPolitical SciencePolitical Theory, International Relations, Philosophy, Contemporary Political Theory, Philosophy of TechnologyN/AN/Agpierman@fiu.eduMy current project focuses on the ways in which the internet has become a space in which democratic politics is increasingly difficult. I am also interested in the politics of race, class, and gender and the theorization of world-altering events.Strong analytical skills, critical thinking, library research, and commitment to learning.
Zachary PietrantoniArts, Sciences and EducationCounseling, Recreation, and School PsychologySchool counselingN/AZEB 271Bzpietran@fiu.eduResearch interests are in child maltreatment prevention education, human rights education, and cross-cultural education.Basic understanding of research methods
Vladimir A. PozdinEngineering and ComputingElectrical and Computer EngineeringWearable health monitoring devices, organic electronics, and microphysiological systems.305-348-7788EC 3982vpozdin@fiu.eduFlexible electronics and novel optical sensors for wearable health monitoring devices. Instrumented microphysiological system for directed cell growth.Micro/nanofabrication for flexible circuit boards, PCB layout, Silicon Labs firmware development, Wi-Fi security protocols, flexible antenna design, optical device fabrication and characterization, cell culture, chemical synthesis. Mostly importantly, willingness to learn new topics and skills.
Nagarajan PrabakarEngineering and ComputingSchool of Computing and Information SciencesCollege of Engineering305-348-2033CASE 382prabakar@cis.fiu.edudatabase applications; telepresence robotics; Software design for robot navigation; Coordination of swarm of telepresence robots; Educational game design for school childrenI would expect a very rigorous system development work
Nipesh PradhanangaEngineering and ComputingMoss School of Construction, Infrastructure and SustainabilityConstruction Technology and Visualization305-348-0224EC 2983npradhan@fiu.eduInterested in application of virtual reality, 3d modeling, real-time sensors and data analysis in construction engineering problemsPrepare for, design and conduct experiments; analyze data from the experiments
Bianca PremoSteven J. Green School of International and Public AffairsHistoryLatin American History305-348-1862SIPAII 324premob@fiu.eduSpecialist in the history of Latin America, children and gender in Latin American history, Latin American history of reproduction and reproductive rights, Spanish colonial period law, Indigenous history, and the legal history of slavery. Check out my website: to learn a bit about my research.Would work especially well with students who speak Spanish or Portuguese, are interested in learning how to read historical paleography as part of their research on the colonial period, or are interested in modern history of childhood and gender.
Shannon PrudenArts, Sciences and EducationPsychologyPsychology/Developmental Science 305-348-2784DM 260sdick@fiu.eduDr. Pruden's research program, the Project on Language and Spatial Development, aims to understand how children acquire language, particularly those words that describe the spatial and relational world (i.e., motion verbs, spatial prepositions and dimensional adjectives; e.g., running, under, and big). She explores the causes and consequences of individual and sex differences in spatial language and spatial cognition in both child and adult populations. Her recent research examines cognitive, cultural and biological causes of individual and sex differences in spatial language and cognition.Completed research methods and statistics course. Library research, must be comfortable with working with young children, data collection, data coding, transcription and coding of videos, some experience with statistical software and coding is recommended (e.g., R, Python). Opportunities available for learning eye tracking, eye-blink conditioning, structural MRI, and EEG. Must demonstrate independence and motivation to learn new scientific skills.
Jean RahierSteven J. Green School of International and Public AffairsGlobal and Sociocultural StudiesSocial and Cultural Anthropology305-348-0224SIPA 328jrahier@fiu.eduCultures and performances of the African diaspora black immigrants to the United States race relations in Latin America.Project dependent. If the project is an anthropological one, library research and fieldwork (at the very least) would be necessary.
Sharan RamaswamyEngineering and ComputingBiomedical EngineeringStem Cell Mechanobiology, cardiovascular mechanics, heart valve tissue engineering305-348-2532EC 2361sramaswa@fiu.eduPlatelet adhesion studies, Heart valve substitute developmentsLiterature searches, experiments, and scientific writing
Jessica Ramella-RomanEngineering and ComputingBiomedical EngineeringBiomedical Optics305-348-3015AHC4 330jramella@fiu.eduNon linear microscopy, polarization based imaging and microscopy.
Optical imaging tool for vision.
Some knowledge of matlab. Willingness to learn independently.
Neil RamsayCommunication, Architecture + The ArtsRatcliffe Art + Design IncubatorEconomics, Design, Art, Systems-Thinking305-919-4083AC2 150 (BBC Campus)nramsay@fiu.eduWebsite: Interests: The Applied Economics of Art + Design New Naturalism Landscape Design Text-Based Art Projects/Work: TXTNFT Collective, Based in Bowery NYC - Mission: To Create And Contextualize Decentralized Books, Art, Poetry, Theory and Practice using NFT and related Web3 Technologies. 9' x 9' NATIVE GARDENS, Community Regenerative Systems. A modular community based system for residential green pockets and greening distributed by the population of 7 - 12 y/o. Pilot program at BCPS Plantation Elementary beginning FALL 2023, Environmental and Computer Science Applied STEM ArtMouth LLC, The Art Practice of Neil Ramsay, The Creative Economist IG @ArtMouth @TheCreativeEconomistCuriosity Creative Thinking Critical Thinking Current Events Social Consciousness ADMINISTRATIVE SKILLS Excel Spreadsheets Word PPT Canva Adobe PhotoShop Graphic Design Social Media Management Public Relations A good attitude and eagerness to do things.
Raju RangaswamiEngineering and ComputingSchool of Computing and Information SciencesComputer Science305-348-6230CASE 386raju@cis.fiu.eduOperating systems, storage systems, and multimedia security.Student will typically work on formulating a new problem, create a solution, implement the solution, and evaluate it with experiments.
Raphael RaptisArts, Sciences and EducationChemistry and BiochemistryInorganic Chemistry, X-ray Crystallography305-348-7529VH 203rraptis@fiu.eduSynthesis and study of redox-active multinuclear transition metal complexes. Study of electron transfer, charge localization/delocalization, catalysis, MRI contrast agents, radiochemistry.General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry and labs, interest in a research career.
Joerg ReinholdArts, Sciences and EducationPhysicsPhysics305-348-6422CP208reinhold@fiu.eduResearch and development on new detectors for particle and nuclear physics. Data analysis and Monte Carlo simulations for nuclear physics experiments. Monte Carlo simulations for Medical Physics problems.Research and development on new detectors for particle and nuclear physics. Data analysis and Monte Carlo simulations for nuclear physics experiments. Monte Carlo simulations for Medical Physics problems. Students should have taken the introductory sequence Physics w/Calculus and at a minimum currently be enrolled in Modern Physics. Knowledge of a programing language, especially C or C++ is desirable.Testing detectors, analyzing data, running computer simulations.
Rokeshia Renné AshleyCommunication, Architecture + The ArtsCommunicationHealth Communication; Black Studies; Maternal Health; Body Image & Modification305-919-4164BBC AC2 Suite 339Drashley@fiu.eduResearch on Black women's bodies and Black maternal health"Experience with creating literature reviews and annotated bibliographies.
Able to use word processors.
Intermediate social media search techniques.
Novice knowledge of qualitative methods. "
Robinson Reyes PenaBusinessFinanceRetirement System and/or International Finance305-348-2680RB228Aroreyes@fiu.eduUnder Retirement System: US public pension plans funding Long-term investments Under International Finance: Cross-border regulatory arbitrage Short Selling Tax avoidanceIdeally some knowledge on statistical software (e.g., Stata). However, this is not a requirement.
Shabnam RezapourEngineering and ComputingEnterprise and Logistics EngineeringSystems Engineering305-348-2256CEC 3114srezapou@fiu.eduResilient communities, disaster management, supply chain management, risk analysisOptimization, data analytics, machine learning (reinforcement learning), mathematical modeling, prediction techniques
James RiachArts, Sciences and EducationEarth and EnvironmentAnthropology305-348-1209AHC5 366riachj@fiu.edu1. Community-based resource management in rural Amazonian populations. 2. Creative approaches to integrated health, development, and conservation strategies in rainforest environments. 3. Ethnoecology/ethnobotanyLibrary research and first hand field work involving interviews and possibly sampling of any of the following: plants, animals, water, or soil.
Jorge Riera DiazEngineering and ComputingBiomedical EngineeringNeuroscience, Brain Imaging, Computation/Modeling305-348-4948EC 2602jrieradi@fiu.eduThe primary research interest of the Neuronal Mass Dynamics (NMD) laboratory is the development of methods for the integration of different brain imaging modalities. These methods will found direct translations into clinical practice, for instance in the diagnosis and intervention of a variety of brain disorders. Although epilepsy and migraine constitute our primary focuses of attention, other brain disorders (e.g., Alzheimer Disease and Autism) will be included later on in our portfolio. For each disorder, our research focused on three major areas: a) abnormalities of the cortical microcircuits, b) the biophysics of the neurovascular decoupling and c) genetic imprints by inflammatory processes. These three areas of interest are linked via Biophysical Models developed in the lab. Members from the NMD lab evaluate their methods using pre-clinical models (i.e. rodents) of each brain disorder and, in collaborations with local hospitals, translate them into the clinical field. In the NMD lab, two groundbreaking techniques have been developed. The first one is a high-resolution 3D silicon-based probe (Neuronexus Tech) and the second one is an EEG mini-cap both for electrophysiological recordings at different brain scales (Cortech Solutions). These techniques are combined with both standard observation modalities and computational models for mesoscopic phenomena in the cerebral cortex. MATLAB programming, willing to perform neurosurgery in rodents, or data mining
Tonette S. RoccoArts, Sciences and EducationEducational Leadership and Policy StudiesAdult Education and Human Resource Development305-348-6151ZEB 361Aroccot@fiu.eduDisability studies, disclosure, older workers, equity issues, and social justice.Since I have never worked with an undergraduate student, it would depend on the student.
Mark RossiNicole Wertheim College of Nursing and Health SciencesPhysical TherapyPhysical Therapy305-348-3478AHC3 431rossim@fiu.eduPhysical performance after knee replacement. Driving safety after right knee replacement.Library research. Using Equipment in Lab. Organizing data on spreadsheets.
Masoud SadjadiEngineering and ComputingSchool of Computing and Information SciencesCollege Of Engineering And Computing305-348-1835CASE 212Esadjadi@cs.fiu.eduAutonomic Computing, Pervasive Computing, Mobile Computing, Distributed Computing, Software Engineering, Adaptive Software, and Adaptive Middleware.Developing research programs, running experiments, writing technical paper, developing software documentation, and reviewing technical papers.
Gretchen ScharnaglHonors College/Communication, Architecture + The ArtsArt and Art HistoryArt, Creative Practice305-282-2342N/Ascharnag@fiu.eduEnvironment Nature Earth Human/Non-human intersection Garbology Eco-Materialism Equity Social issues Concrete Poetry Comic Art (not practice, area of teaching) Materiality Installation Art DrawingNo lab. Skills variable.
Bennett SchwartzArts, Sciences and EducationPsychologyPsychology305-348-4025DM 283schwartb@fiu.eduPrimate behavior, animal cognition, and human memory.N/A
Indranil SenGuptaArts, Sciences and EducationMathematics and StatisticsMathematics and Statistics305-348-2957DM 432isengupt@fiu.eduFinancial mathematics,
Environmental finance,
Data science in finance

Laura SerbusArts, Sciences and EducationBiological SciencesCell Biology305-348-2201AHC1 219Blserbus@fiu.eduThe cellular and molecular basis for Wolbachia-host interactions. How host environmental conditions affect intracellular Wolbachia proliferation.Handling and rearing of fruit flies, mass dissections of fruit fly tissues, usage of excel to organize the resulting proteomic data, and mining of online databases/pubmed to further understand and interpret the data.
Fang ShuChaplin School of Hospitality and Tourism ManagementHospitality and Tourism ManagementHospitality, Tourism, Service Management/ Philanthropy, CSR, Sustainability 305-919-4144HM"Economic trends in the hospitality/tourism/service industry;
Students would need the ability and motivation to perform library research, data collection, and academic writing.
Althea (Vicki) SilveraFIU LibraryLibrary/EnglishCaribbean Literature, History And Art305-348-3136GL 422silverav@fiu.eduCaribbean literature and Caribbean art.Library research, community activities, and interviews.
Natalia Soares QuineteArts, Sciences and EducationChemistryEmerging Contaminants, Mass Spectrometry, Fate and Behavior of Contaminants305-919-4113N/Ansoaresq@fiu.eduDr. Quinete research interests are concentrated in the environmental and bioanalytical chemistry areas, focusing on assessing and understanding the sources, distribution, and fate of persistent organic pollutants and emerging contaminants in the different environmental and biological compartment and their potential impacts to humans and animals. More specifically working on the development and improvement of analytical methods based on mass spectrometry (GC-MS and LC-MS) for the determination of several classes of pollutants, such as PFAS, phthalates, in surface water, drinking water, sediments, and biota.Be motivated, dedicated and eager to learn!
Fabian A. SotoArts, Sciences and EducationPsychologyCognitive Neuroscience305-348-8423AHC4 460fasoto@fiu.eduMy research program is aimed at understanding how we acquire and generalize knowledge about visual objects. More specifically, I study the interaction between visual encoding and learning. The main idea driving my research is that the way in which objects are encoded determines how we acquire and generalize new knowledge about them and, in turn, new learning about objects affects they way in which they are encoded. I take a highly integrative, inter-disciplinary research approach that combines computational modeling (using both cognitive and neurocomputational models), advanced statistics, behavioral research, and neuroimaging. I use the insights acquired through my basic research program to develop translational studies, aimed at improving our understanding of how face representation is affected in psychopathology."There are two types of project in which students can participate:

1) Experimental psychological research: typically in the areas of face perception and/or learning. Students should have basic knowledge of statistics and research methods (with high grades in corresponding coursework). No other skills are necessary (all skills will be learned during the project), except for proficiency with computers.

2) Re-analysis of brain imaging data and simulation work: the goal of these projects is to develop new tools for the analysis of brain imaging data. Students should have a strong quantitative background, and knowledge of statistics and programming (python and/or R are preferred)."
Neptune SrimalArts, Sciences and EducationEarth and EnvironmentEarth Sciences305-919-5969AC1 380Asrimal@fiu.eduProf. Neptune Srimal’s research deals with the evolution of mountain belts with special emphasis on the Himalayas. His research recently took him to remote corners of the two ends of the Himalaya in India. He is proposing a new model for the evolution of collisional mountain belts like the Himalaya that looks into the pre-collisional extension as the driving force for the metamorphism, sedimentation and early magmatism of such collisional mountain belts.No earlier research experience is needed for the mentees although the prospective candidate should be a science major, preferably with some geology and/or chemistry background. Most of the work involves basic geologic lab practices, compiling and plotting data along with some optional advanced work on sophisticated lab equipment like Electron Microprobe and Mass spectrometers. Students might have to travel to University of Florida facilities at Gainesville for some of the work.
Dionne StephensArts, Sciences and EducationPsychologyPsychology and African Diaspora Studies305-348-1809DM 203stephens@fiu.eduSexual risk taking, health disparities, racial/ ethnic minority women, sexual/ dating scripts, and identity development.Library research, running experiments, entering data, transcription, preparing conference presentations, and recruitment of research sites.
Philip StoddardArts, Sciences and EducationBiological SciencesBiology305-348-0378AHC1 219Cstoddard@fiu.eduAnimal behavior endocrinology. Electric fish, tiny cousins of the formidable electric eel that communicate with electric signals. Explore communication at every level, from the ecological forces that drive natural selection, to behavioral signaling and mate choice, to neurochemistry and endocrinology of signal contorl, to metabolic partitioning and physiological trade-offs, to the proteins that move ionic charge.Summarize literature design, run experiments, analyze data, and write a research paper.
Alexandra Coso StrongEngineering and ComputingSchool of Universal Computing, Construction, and Engineering EducationEngineering Design Education, Systems Design, Faculty Development305-348-2480EC 1269alexandra.strong@fiu.eduCurrently, my research team, ReDes, (a.k.a. researching engineering, design, and educational systems) includes a diverse group of undergraduate and graduate students. We collaborate on a range of projects in areas such as • engineering design education: Through this work, my team and I are trying to understand how to improve design education for engineers both by understanding what happens in the classroom now and what engineers experience in industry. • educational change at Hispanic-Serving Institutions: Many of the projects we work on focus on students and instructors at Hispanic-Serving Institutions, like FIU. One project, for instance, is exploring how to better support lecturers within engineering departments at HSIs who are trying to improve student learning and the student experience in their courses. • graduate engineering education: Graduate students are often an underrepresented group within educational research. Given that some will become faculty members, they are also a critical part of how we might bring about educational change within engineering. Thus, I have a few upcoming projects that are examining the experiences of graduate students in engineering.Enthusiasm for exploring and enhancing engineering education. Passion and patience for learning new research methods. Desire to collaborate with others to learn and conduct research. Researchers in this group use both qualitative (e.g., interviews, analysis of documents/text) and quantitative (e.g., surveys, statistical analysis) research methods. In addition, we do a lot of reading of research articles to learn more about previous research and to help us better explore our areas of interest.
Jacob David SudolCommunication, Architecture + The ArtsSchool of MusicMusic Technology and composition305-348-0109WPAC 145Bjsudol@fiu.eduMusic technology, psychoacoustics, and music composition.Library and online research, and developing hardware, software, creative projects, and cultural studies (particularly East Asian culture).
Michael SukopArts, Sciences and EducationEarth and EnvironmentHydrogeology305-348-3117PC 326sukopm@fiu.eduComputer modeling of fluids, chemicals, and heat; developing graphical user interfaces for computer models; laboratory measurements of effective porosity in carbonate rocks.Library research, computer modeling, computer code development, laboratory and field work.
Ruimin SunEngineering and ComputingSchool of Computing and Information SciencesCybersecurity305-348-7984CASE 317rsun@fiu.eduComputer security,
machine learning, model privacy,
embedded devices, and PLC security

1. Programming with python and C++
2. Project management with Github
3. Familiar with academic writing tools, e.g. latex


1. fast learner
2. good communication skills
Krishnamurthy SurysekarBusinessSchool of AccountingAccounting305-348-3259MANGO 341suryseka@fiu.eduThe ethical dimensions of executive compensation, what can we learn from the Enron and other accounting scandals?, and is more regulation of the accounting profession needed?Library research and writing.
James SuttonArts, Sciences and EducationEnglishEnglish (Renaissance Studies)305-348-1270DM 452suttonj@fiu.eduShakespeare related topics; Renaissance literature; Renaissance cultural studies.A lot of library and internet research on their topic in first semester, and a carefully plotted and planned writing schedule in the second, resulting in a first rate thesis of 40-50 pages with a substantial bibliography.
Ibrahim N. TanselEngineering and ComputingMechanical And Materials EngineeringEngineering305-348-3304EC 3474tanseli@fiu.edu1) Modeling and interpretation 2) Development of health monitoring systems1) Literature survey 2) Performing experiments 3) Writing paper.
Kimberly TaylorBusinessMarketing & LogisticsConsumer behavior, healthcare marketing, cause related marketing, and decision making305-348-2571RB 333taylork@fiu.eduMy main area of research is focused in consumer behavior and decision making. I also study negotiations, cause related marketing, healthcare marketing and decision making, and non profit marketing. I primarily do experimental research or focus group qualitative work.Organizational skills some background in statistics or research would be useful but not required
Jamie TheobaldArts, Sciences and EducationBiological SciencesNeurobiology305-348-7319CASE 110theobald@fiu.eduInsect neurobiology and behavior mathematical modeling of neurobiology and behaviorDepending on the project, lab work with insects, data collection, and possibly field collecting and filming. Also for some types of projects, programming, mathematical modeling, and simulation.
Mark ThibodeauBusinessReal EstateReal Estate305-779-9249FIU Downtown on Brickell 1101 Brickell Avenue, S 1107mthibode@fiu.eduReal Estate Prices and Markets, Externalities, Institutions, and Real Estate FinancingN/A
Markus ThielSteven J. Green School of International and Public AffairsPolitics and International RelationsPolitical Science305-348-2323SIPA 403thielm@fiu.eduEuropean Politics, international relations and regionalism/regional Integration.Library and online research, and possible field work (depending on the subject).
M.O. ThirunarayananArts, Sciences and EducationTeaching and LearningLearning Technologies305-348-2085ZEB 344Athiru@fiu.eduImpact of Technology on Education and Society; Training Teachers to Use Technology to Facilitate Teaching and Learning; Creativity; Entrepreneurship.They should complete human subjects training. Students should be able to search library and other databases to locate and retrieve scholarly papers, develop surveys, collect data, and computerize the data for analysis. Knowledge of SPSS will be helpful.
Fereshteh ToosiArts, Sciences and EducationArt and Art HistoryArt and Digital Media305-348-2897VH236fhamidit@fiu.eduPublic art, performance art, environmental art, socially-engaged art, activism, digital art, documentary, VR, AR, environmental studies, nature contact, non-human communication, climate change, ecology, emergent strategy, Anthropocene studies, horticultural therapy, occupational therapy, recreational therapy, walking and pilgrimage, mindfulness, mental health, complementary medicine, herbalism. The Nature Connection Arts Lab is a multidisciplinary laboratory dedicated to exploring the connection between non-human and human health through contemplative art and creative research. By engaging the mutual benefits of nature connection, our projects support a creative culture to resist climate crisis and ecological devastation. Read more on the website and email me if you have any questions:, enthusiasm, and experience with documentary, video, and performing arts will be very helpful. An interdisciplinary interest in both nature and culture is a must. Students may be involved with many different activities, from grant writing, documentation, phone calls, marketing, library and internet research. Assisting with studio projects may involve occasional field trips around South Florida.
Andres TremanteEngineering and ComputingMechanical and Materials EngineeringThermo Fluids305-348-0149EC 3362tremante@fiu.eduRenewable energy power systems, biofuels, thermodynamics, fluid Mechanics, and heat transfer.Library research.
Nikolaos TsoukiasEngineering and ComputingBiomedical EngineeringBiomedical Engineering305-348-7291EC 2674tsoukias@fiu.eduCell electrophysiology and Calcium dynamics Vasoreactive signaling in microcirculation Ion channel expression in hypertensionN/A
Selcuk UluagacEngineering and ComputingSchool of Computing and Information SciencesCybersecurity, Privacy, Internet of Things, Ransomware, Forensics305-348-3710EC 3141suluagac@fiu.eduPlease see the list of sample studies at the following websites as well as more information about Professor. Selcuk Uluagac.;;;; computer programming skills (any would work) or willing to learn and good writing skills.
Victor M. UribeSteven J. Green School of International and Public AffairsHistoryHistory305-348-2961DM 398uribev@fiu.eduColombian migration to the United States (recent), domestic violence (history of), and legislation on money laundering evaluation.Library research; conducting electronic survey; gathering database.
Walter Van HammeArts, Sciences and EducationPhysicsAstronomy305-348-3670CASE 461vanhamme@fiu.eduModeling binary star light and velocity curves, interacting binary stars, and extrasolar planets.Literature search, learning how to use certain computer programs, data entering, and computer experiments.
Enrique VillamorArts, Sciences and EducationMathematics and StatisticsMathematics305-348-2056DM 414Bvillamor@fiu.eduDifferential equations Applied calculus Numerical analysis.Read books and papers.
Eric WagnerRobert Stempel College of Public Health and Social WorkSchool of Social WorkClinical Psychology305-348-5612AHC5 536wagnere@fiu.eduMy research group has four ongoing NIH-funded clinical research projects, all of which involve the evaluation and testing of intervention approaches for teenagers with substance use and related problems (e.g., interpersonal aggression, HIV risk).Library research, phoning subjects, and running experiments are all possibilities
Lufan WangEngineering and ComputingMoss Department of Construction ManagementConstruction Management305-348-3172EC Smart, sustainable, and resilient buildings, infrastructure systems, and cities - Big data analytics and machine learning - Building energy and water efficiency - Energy-water nexus - Human-centered analysis - Digital twin- Programming (e.g., Python, R) - Automation and AI (e.g., Machine learning, deep learning, computer vision)
Marcie WashingtonSteven J. Green School of International and Public AffairsPolitics and International RelationsInternational Relations305-348-3754SIPA 414mrwashin@fiu.eduCollective action and conflict; State security and migration; memory,time,space, identity, and conflict; and peace and conflict studiesDepending on the subject, students will engage in either library and online research or field work.
James WebbArts, Sciences and EducationPhysicsAstronomy/Astrophysics305-348-3964ASTRO 201webbj@fiu.eduExtragalactic astrophysics - specializing in quasars, supermassive black holes theory and observations. Life in the universe Physics of musicBasic grounding in physics and/or astronomy
Stephen WinkleArts, Sciences and EducationChemistry and BiochemistryBiophysical Chemistry305-348-2855CP 309winkles@fiu.eduProtein binding to DNAs, carcinogen binding to DNAs, and unusual protein structuresConducting experiments and analyzing their results.
Stanislaw F. WnukArts, Sciences and EducationChemistry and BiochemistryChemistry305-348-6195CP 352wnuk@fiu.eduOrganic chemistry of nucleosides with applications in biochemistry and in anticancer and antiviral medicine. Research involving invention of mechanism-based inhibitors of enzymes vital to cancer cell and/or virus proliferation.Running experiments and analyzing spectroscopic data. Literature research.
Kirsten E. WoodSteven J. Green School of International and Public AffairsHistoryHistory305-348-2803DM 396woodk@fiu.eduTaverns, hotels, bars, and restaurants in the United States and the Caribbean, 1780-1900 travel narratives in the United States and the Caribbean, and 1780-1860 comparative gender roles in the United States and Great Britain.Library/archival research.
Nicholas WrightSteven J. Green School of International and Public AffairsEconomicsEconomicsN/AN/Anicwrigh@fiu.edu
Yanzhao WuEngineering and ComputingSchool of Computing and Information SciencesMachine Learning, Big Data, Edge Computing, Deep Learning, Distributed Systems305-348-1508CASE 212Dyawu@fiu.eduMy research interests are primarily centered on the intersection of machine learning and computing systems, including machine learning algorithm and system optimizations, deep learning, edge AI, big data analytics, and their real-world applications.Programming: Python (or Java, C/C++)
Mehmet YavasArts, Sciences and EducationEnglishLinguistics305-348-2992DM 468Ayavasm@fiu.eduAcquisition of first language sound system; Acquisition of sound systems in bilingual children.Data collection and transcription.
Michael YawneyCommunication, Architecture + The ArtsTheatre and Honors CollegeTheatre305-348-7545WPAC 139Amyawney@fiu.eduDramaturgy-devised and verbatim theaterThe activity would depend upon the project. However, almost all theater work starts with research, either in the library or in the field. This is usually followed by extensive notes, rehearsals or sketches looking for an approach to the projects artistic needs using the research. The final stage assembles the actual project.
Changwon YooRobert Stempel College of Public Health and Social WorkBiostatisticsMachine Learning, Big Data Analytics, Statistical Genomics, Bioinformatics305-348-4906AHC5 472cyoo@fiu.eduI am the head of the Statistical Machine Learning Group (SMLG) within the Biostatistics Department at the Robert Stempel College of Public Health & Social Work at Florida International University. Our primary focus revolves around the examination of large and intricate datasets using Big Data Analytics (BDA), encompassing statistical and machine learning techniques. The scope of SMLG projects extends from developing clinical translational models to investigating gene-gene and gene-environment interactions in chronic diseases through the application of BDA methodologies. Visit for more information.- Proficiency in math
- Proficiency in programming languages or willing to learn them
Mirroslav YotovArts, Sciences and EducationMathematics and StatisticsAlgebra, Algebraic Geometry305-348-3170DM 413Ayotovm@fiu.eduHomological Mirror Symmetry Singularities of function on toric spaces Topology of Lefschetz fibrations.The student will definitely need to work with a lot of books (library)and with preprints online as well.
Wenbin ZhangEngineering and ComputingSchool of Computing and Information SciencesSchool of Computing and Information SciencesN/ACASE 333wenbin.zhang@fiu.eduAI, Health Care, Interdisciplinary

There are multiple paid student worker positions available to our graduate students (MS, Ph.D.) and undergraduate students in the lab to work on AI, health care, and interdisciplinary projects.
Preferred Qualifications:

- Proficient programming skill preferably in Python.

- Experience in Machine Learning

- (Bonus) Interdisciplinary background

- Excel; writing, reading, and communication skills

- Excellent documentation skills

- Punctual and ability to meet project deadlines
Jinlin ZhaoChaplin School of Hospitality and Tourism ManagementSchool of Hospitality and Tourism ManagementStrategic Management305-919-4540HM 356zhaoj@fiu.eduEnvironmental scanning of hospitality and tourism industry; strategic management in the hospitality and tourism management; competitive analysis of hospitality and tourism companiesLibrary research, running experiments, or field work.
Chun ZhouCommunication, Architecture + The ArtsCommunicationHealth Communication, Narrative PersuasionN/AN/Achuzhou@fiu.eduDesigning and evaluating persuasive messages using digital communication technologies, such as serious digital games and interactive websites, for health education purposes. Her current research projects examine whether and why digital game features, such as interactivity or narratives enhance persuasive outcomes.N/A

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