Honors College Engagement Pathway Requirements

In the Honors College we strive to build a sense of community, the kind you get at a small liberal arts college, but with all the resources of a major public university. Community begins with your engagement.

Engagement can take many shapes and forms, from building more intentional relationships with faculty and playing in a music ensemble, to seeking service opportunities and being more academically involved. The events, workshops, and activities that are part of the Pathway are curated with the purpose of enriching your life and giving you an experience that transcends mere classroom learning.

Students must complete their engagement pathways every academic year and can track their engagement requirements progress and see upcoming events via Panther Connect, https://pantherconnect.fiu.edu. Additional events, activities and non-event opportunities can be found in our weekly Honors College email and Instagram @FIUHonors. Students can track engagement and service every academic year from the beginning of Summer B/Early Fall to the end of the Spring semester (11 activities per year). Check out the video at the end of this page for a step by step to tracking your engagement and service!

Failure to complete engagement and service requirements during a non-graduation year will result in losing priority registration in the Fall semester to register for Spring classes. Priority registration can be regained in Spring for Fall/Summer registration provided you make progress towards the current year’s requirements. Failure to complete engagement and service requirements during a student’s graduation year will result in not obtaining an Honors College transcript notation.

For a list of categories, required number of activities, and example activities, see the table below:

CategoryActivities to CompleteExample Activities^
Academics, Research, & Scholarship2*Participate in faculty-mentored research or creative endeavor
*Attend Undergraduate Research Conference (URFIU)
*Attend Love Your Major Fair
*Apply for a prestigious scholarship or fellowship
Career & Professional Development2*Complete internship or micro-internship
*Complete micro-credential
*Attend Career workshops
*Meet with Career Coach
Honors College Week1*Attend First-Year Pinning Ceremony (required for new first-year students)
*Attend Transfer Social
*Attend Honors Football Night
Leadership2*Serve in an executive board position of a student organization
*Participate in Academy of Leaders
*Serve as a Learning or Resident Assistant
Personal & Social Wellness2*Attend Student Organization Fair
*Participate in Intramural Sports
*Attend Healthy Living Program or Financial Wellness Workshop
World & Culture2*Attend Cultural Conversations
*Attend Study Abroad Honors Hour
*Attend FIU School of Music Concert, Theatre Performance, or Museum Exhibition/Event
-These are only examples. There is a much more extensive list in Panther Connect that will continually be added to throughout the year.^
-Only activities/events that are part of the Pathway can be used to fulfill requirements.
-Student organization meetings will not fulfill Pathway requirements. However, student organization events could be submitted to us for review for this purpose.
-Students graduating in fall will only need to complete half the engagement activities (6) and volunteer hours (10), provided they completed the previous year's engagement and service requirements.

Honors College Engagement & Community Service Requirements