Advanced Research and Creativity in Honors (ARCH) Program

The Advanced Research and Creativity in Honors (ARCH) program provides opportunities to Honors College students to engage in supervised research and creative projects in any subject field under the supervision of FIU faculty experts. ARCH now has more ways for you to get involved with research or creative activities! Take a look at the options within ARCH below.

Hear from past students:

About ARCH

  • Students have the opportunity to engage in advanced research through online workshops. ARCH can be taken for up to 6 credits to satisfy 1 Honors upper-division requirement.

  • ARCH research can be done independently or as the “Honors in the Major” in selected majors. Participants write a thesis or comparable research report. If the department does not have a thesis, capstone, or senior project option, ARCH requirements apply.

  • Students who want to participate in ARCH (with or without credit) must submit a completed application.


Here are some tips to remember when choosing a topic:

  • Choose a topic that you WANT to research, create, investigate, analyze and present!
  • Do not choose a topic too broad where you have to collect a ton of information or too narrow where all answers are found in only one source.
  • Decide the resources (library, journals, data, interviews, etc.) for your topic.
  • Find out who will be impacted by your topic and whether on a local, national, or global scale.
  • Topics can be on a current or historical issue as well as comparing several periods throughout history.
  • Discuss your idea(s) with a professor to construct a topic.

Ready to apply?

Submit a completed ARCH Application
The last day to submit the ARCH Application for Fall 2024 is August 16.
If you are interested in Summer enrollment, please email
If you have questions, concerns, or about ARCH you can call 305-348-4100 or email