New Students

Welcome New Honors Students!

Congratulations on your admittance to the Honors College! Built around an excellent interdisciplinary curriculum, the College offers outstanding students a long list of opportunities including social and cultural activities, foreign study, exciting internships, and research mentoring.

Honors Orientation and Workshops

NOTE: All Orientations and Workshops this summer will be web-based and in “real-time.” Students should chose a date that they can attend remotely (via Zoom) at the time posted.

Honors First Year Orientation (Freshmen): June 2

  • Virtual Orientation needs to be completed before signing up for the remote Orientation
  • Log on to FIU.EDU and follow the activity guide in the Orientation tile
  • Honors Orientation will be remote (via Zoom), links provided after sign up
  • Early Fall Honors students must sign up for June 2 Orientation!

If a freshman cannot make the Honors Only June 2 Orientation, they can sign up for the Honors preferred date: June 22, but must ALSO attend a New Student Workshop. Sign up at

Transfers new to FIU are required to attend an Honors New Student Workshop (select from three dates):

  • July 7
  • July 28
  • August 18

RSVP at:

Transfer admits must also attend a Virtual Orientation and Advising Day. Sign up through MY.FIU.EDU

Students who are entering Honors as active FIU students are required to attend an Honors New Student Workshop (select from three dates):

  • July 7
  • July 28
  • August 18

RSVP at:

FIU Admits will receive instructions on how to register for their Honors class. New students to Honors will begin their first Honors course in the Fall term.


  • All workshops will be remote (via Zoom); therefore, they can attend whichever time is most convenient to participate in “real-time”
  • Email for more information

Honors College Academic and Registration Information:

Students who have accepted their admission to the Honors College will be activated as Honors students so that they may register for an Honors course for the Fall semester. Your enrollment date is based on your status (Freshman and Transfer students receive access at FIU Orientation; Current FIU students can enroll during Fall registration*).

Please view the video that corresponds to your admit type, to get detailed information on what to register for as an Honors student.

Freshmen Students:

Transfer and Current FIU Students:

*Only current FIU students who apply and get admitted to the Honors College by March 1st will receive Priority Registration for Fall.

How to register for an Honors course: