Credit and Graduation Requirements

– Honors College Graduation Application – November 1st
– Engagement & Service Requirements – November 17th
(Check your FIU e-mail for more information.)

Honors College students must complete the Honors Curriculum that applies to their entry status:

»Students accepted as freshmen and sophomores (18-20 IDH credits = 3 academic years*)

»Students accepted as juniors or transfers ( 12 IDH credits = 2 academic years*)

*Academic year = Fall and Spring

Students admitted with 45 college credits or fewer are required to complete the Lower Division Honors College curriculum requirement (6-8 credits). All Honors College courses are year long and must be taken for the full academic year to satisfy the requirement. Lower Division Honors course options include:

  • IDH 1931, Introduction to Honors I (Fall, 1 credit) – freshmen only
  • IDH 1931, Introduction to Honors II (Spring, 1 credit) – freshmen only
  • IDH 1001, Origins of Ideas and Ideas of Origins I (Fall, 3 credits)
  • IDH 1002, Origins of Ideas and Ideas of Origins II (Spring, 3 credits)
  • IDH 2003, Inhabiting Other Lives I (Fall, 3 credits)- Engineering students ONLY
  • IDH 2004, Inhabiting Other Lives II (Spring, 3 credits)- Engineering students ONLY

After the first year lower division courses are completed (or if you came in as a third year student), students are required to complete a minimum of 12 credits of Upper Division Honors course work. The requirement can be satisfied in a 12 credit combination of the following options:

  • 2-semester Honors Seminar, 6 credits (IDH 3034 & IDH 3035)
  • 2-semester Honors Study Abroad Program, 6 credits (IDH 4007 & IDH 4008)
  • 2-semester Honors Research Independent Study “ARCH” for 6 credits or 0-credit (IDH 4905)
  • ONLY Engineering students will complete IDH 2003 & IDH 2004 in lieu of an Upper Division Seminar

Honors courses are also offered online and during the summer.

Please keep in mind, your requirements for upper division can be fulfilled by taking ANY combination of the options provided.

For example:

  • 2 sets of IDH 3034 and IDH 3035
  • 2 sets of IDH 4905
  • 1 set of IDH 3034 / 3035 and 1 set of IDH 4007 / 4008.

To graduate through the Honors College at FIU, students must meet the following criteria:

  • Maintain continuous engagement in the Honors College
  • Earn a minimum number of credits from the point of entry to the Honors College
    • Freshman = 20 credits
    • Sophomore = 18 credits
    • Junior/Senior = 12 credits
  • Earn at least a ‘B’ average in all Honors courses
  • Earn a 3.2 FIU Cumulative GPA

Exceptions are only made in rare cases with extensive documentation.


Honors College graduates receive special recognition in three ways:

  1. Graduating seniors receive a transcript notation indicating that they have “graduated through the Honors College.”
  2. Honors College Graduation Assemblies each semester: Graduating seniors are recognized for completion of Honors College graduation requirements. Graduating seniors also receive the Honors College medallion and tassel at graduation.
  3. University Commencement Exercises: The University grants special recognition to Honors College graduates at Commencement.

Be sure to meet with your assigned academic advisor for your major to ensure that you have fulfilled all requirements for graduation.