Why Honors?

“We help our scholars rise and
become the best they can be. “Honors College Dean Juan Carlos Espinosa

The beauty of an Honors education is the exposure students get to other students from majors from all across the university. In the Honors College you are a dual academic citizen: an Honors College student, and a student in your home major. Some majors are admittedly more “difficult” and may be more challenging to pair with the Honors curriculum. However, Honors students like to challenge themselves, they like to go beyond what is available and pairing an Honors education with any major at FIU will set you apart from the crowd.

  • No Additional Fees

    The Honors College does not charge additional membership fees for joining. The Honors courses will usually substitute other courses; therefore, not incurring any additional credits.

  • Priority Registration

    This means that approximately two to three weeks before general registration opens for the entire university population, students in the Honors College will have first pick at courses offered, regardless of major.

  • All Majors Welcome

    Courses offered within the Honors College are used to enhance a student’s education, as we offer tracks that coincide with several majors. All majors are welcome to join Honors.

  • FIU is ranked #19

    Among Public Universities by Washington Monthly

Benefits of being an Honors College student:

Priority Registration
This means that approximately two to three weeks before general registration opens for the entire university population, students in the Honors College will have first pick at courses offered, regardless of major.

Tracks in Pre-Med, Pre-Law and Innovation
The College offers several tracks for students seeking additional preparation for professional careers. It is not necessary to declare or register for a track. A student following a track can choose from among several particularly relevant courses and activities. All the seminars are interdisciplinary and open to all students in any major. A related internship can also be added through the Honors Career Center. In addition, students have the opportunity to secure a guaranteed interview with the Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine if they meet certain criteria. To learn more about this opportunity, click here.

Advanced Undergraduate Research Program
The Advanced Research and Creativity in Honors (ARCH) program provides opportunities to Honors College students to engage in supervised research and creative projects in any subject field under the supervision of FIU faculty experts.

Honors-only Scholarships
The Honors College offers a number of competitive scholarships to admitted students. Some students may be eligible for select FIU Scholarships, which come with an offer of automatic admission to the Honors College. The Honors College has scholarships available to transfer students from in-state and out-of-state colleges. There are also a number of competitive scholarships available to current Honors College students each academic year.

Study Abroad
The Honors College offers unique study abroad programs that introduce students to culture and history in the following countries:
Costa Rica     France   United Kingdom
Italy     Spain     
Vietnam/Cambodia     Japan   

Student Organizations
The Honors College offers several student organizations that allow Honors students to expand their knowledge in not only their majors, but their creativity as well.

95% of employers look for college grads with work experience. The Honors College offers many jobs and internships specifically for Honors students.

Small classes and close relationships with professors
Courses at the Honors College are small as most if not all courses have a maximum fill of 20 students per professor. In addition, Honors courses are year-long (Fall and Spring or Summer C) which provide students with that close relationship with professors.

Honors Edge Lab
We are a lab for all students interested in designing, building, and creating stuff. Cool projects, useful items, anything that you want to bring to life. We will be focusing on both the proposal, business, and design processes, as well as the actual construction and manufacturing for each project or item. For more information, visit the Honors Edge Lab website.

Community Service
As an Honors College student there is a requirement to fulfill 20 community service hours every academic year. Honors partners up with many volunteer and service opportunities throughout the community allowing students to engage in extracurricular activities and play a bigger role in society.

Global Medallion Program
The Excellence in Global Learning Medallion is awarded upon graduation to students who have completed an extensive curriculum and co-curriculum designed to enhance global awareness, global perspective, and an attitude of global engagement. For more information, visit the Global Learning website.

Awards Assembly
(graduating seniors only)
Honors College graduation assemblies each semester

Special recognition at Commencement
The University grants special recognition to Honors College graduates at Commencement.

Notation on transcript
Graduating seniors receive a transcript notation indicating that they have “graduated through the Honors College.”

Honors Alumni Association
Over a thousand alumni have graduated through the Honors Program/College since its creation in 1990. Our alumni attend some of the most prestigious graduate and professional schools and work in rewarding positions all over the globe.