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Honors College at Parkview

The Honors College welcomes you to its new home, the university’s newest and most exciting residence hall, Honors College at Parkview. Honors College at Parkview offers the best in modern housing with quality amenities, convenient location, and community.

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Honors College at Parkview is an active community featuring fully furnished, 4-bedroom/2-bathroom apartments. Honors College at Parkview is home to all Honors students who choose to join the community.

Full kitchen
Living room
Laundry room on 2nd floor
Full mattress (size 54 x 80 x 6)
Shared bathrooms

Rental Rates 2021-2022
Rates are set by University Housing. Currently a private bedroom in a 4 bedroom apartment costs $4,300.
Use the tuition and fee calculator to find out what you can afford.

Benefits and Activities

Honors College at Parkview aims to create an environment that challenges and supports Honors College residents to explore their interests and integrate meaningful academic and co-curricular experiences into their educational journey.

The Honors College and Residential Life staff will work together to provide a unique experience for Honors students:
Unique and close-knit community
One-stop student services
Gathering space for Honors events
Proximity to advisors and faculty
Innovative new programs and pedagogies
Integrated study spaces and labs
Faster graduation rates
More engagement opportunities
Increased pride and prestige for students
Enhanced alumni affinity

Our newest and state of the art housing facility, Honors College at Parkview, is designed specifically for Honors College students. This community offers courses, social activities, lecture series, workshops and special events. Students will interact with faculty, staff and administrators throughout the academic year.


Residence in the Honors living-learning community offers many advantages.

These include a variety of activities such as the following:

  • Enrichment
  • Brown-bag lunch conversations with top faculty
  • Unique themed lecture series bi-monthly
  • Museum Night- in partnership with the Frost Art Museum, students are invited to the museum after hours for a sneak peek at the latest collection
  • After Hours Advising- an Honors College advisor will be available one evening a week
  • Career advising and workshops highlighting internships and job-seeking skills
  • Social Life
  • Knock-Knock- an annual tradition through which faculty and staff welcome new residents
  • The Annual Honors College Banquet
  • Relaxation sessions with meditation and breathing experts certified by the YES+ global program
  • Honors College at Parkview Homecoming events

For any questions related to Honors College at Parkview, please contact:
The Honors College

For information about on-campus housing, contact:
Florida International University
University Housing Office
UPT Room 121
Miami, Florida, 33199
Telephone: (305) 348-4190
Fax: (305) 348-4295
E-mail: housing@fiu.edu
Website: http://www.housing.fiu.edu/