Honors Advising

Honors students are encouraged to meet with an Honors advisor at least once per academic year, to navigate Honors requirements and maximize their Honors experience!

Honors students have certain requirements that must be met to remain in good standing with the Honors College:

  1. Continuous enrollment in Honors College coursework until the their academic requirements are met
    • Students inactive in the Honors College for over 3 semesters without prior approval, will be dismissed from the Honors College
    • New students MUST enroll in an Honors seminar in their first semester in the Honors College; failure to enroll will result in the rescinding of your admission
    • Students who drop an Honors course are automatically dropping out of the Honors College. Exceptions may be made under extenuating circumstances, but the drop must be approved and processed by an Honors Advisor
  2. Maintain cumulative GPA of a 3.2 or greater and passing grades in all Honors coursework
    • Please Note: Some Honors scholarships require a cumulative GPA of 3.3 or greater
    • Students who earn a non-passing grade of a D or less in an IDH course will be automatically dismissed from the Honors College (view policy here: http://honors.fiu.edu/honors-policies/)
  3. Maintain active Engagement in the Honors College as per the Honors Engagement Requirement http://honors.fiu.edu/current-students/citizenship/

Honors College students must complete the Honors Curriculum that applies to their entry status:

»Students accepted as freshmen and sophomores (18-20 IDH credits = 3 academic years*)

»Students accepted as juniors or transfers (12 IDH credits = 2 academic years*)

*Academic year = Fall and Spring

Freshmen and Sophomores

Students admitted with 45 college credits or fewer are required to complete the Lower Division Honors College curriculum (6-8 credits).  All Honors College courses are a year long and must be taken in full to satisfy the requirement. Lower Division Honors course options include:

  • IDH 1931, Introduction to Honors I (Fall and Spring, 1 credit each) – freshmen only
  • IDH 1001 & 1002, Origins of Ideas and Ideas of Origins (Fall and Spring, 3 credits each)
  • Engineering students ONLY – IDH 2003 & 2004, Inhabiting Other Lives I and II (Fall and Spring, 3 credits each)

After completing the above requirements, students may choose any of the options listed in the next column, to complete their Honors College requirements.



Juniors and Transfers

Students are required to complete a minimum of 12 credits of Upper Division course work. The requirement can be satisfied by any 12-credit combination of the following options:

  • IDH 3034 & 3035, Honors Seminar (Fall and Spring, 3 credits each)
    • These courses are repeatable; check the schedule of courses for specific topics
  • IDH 4007 & 4008, Honors Study Abroad Program (Spring and Summer, 3 credits each)
    • For more information on Study Abroad visit this link
  • IDH 4905, Honors Research Independent Study “ARCH” (for 6 or zero credits)
    • For more information on ARCH visit this link

NOTE: Students in the College of Engineering and Computing must meet with an Honors College advisor to discuss their Upper Division options.

» Make sure to meet every semester with your assigned academic advisor for your major.

Honors College courses will fulfill many University and major requirements. Below is a list of equivalencies. Be sure to check with an Honors College advisor.

Honors Course Equivalencies 

Honors CourseEquivalent
IDH 1931First Year Experience (SLS 1501)
IDH 1001Arts
IDH 1002Humanities (Group Two) & Gordon Rule Writing
IDH 2003*Social Science (Group Two) & GL Foundations*
IDH 2004*GL Foundations & Lower Division Elective*
IDH 3034GL Discipline Specific & General Upper Division Elective
IDH 3035GL Discipline Specific & General Upper Division Elective

NOTE:  * IDH 2003 & 2004 are ONLY available for students in the College of Engineering and Computing.


Upper-Division Course Equivalencies By Major

College of Arts, Sciences & Education

Honors courses count toward upper-division elective credit needed to graduate for all majors.


College of Business

Upper-division Honors courses (3000+) may count toward upper-division business electives.  Please see a College of Business Advisor to update the degree audit.


School of Architecture

For students in the accelerated master’s program, Honors courses will count for two categories of general education: Environmental Context and Creative Context, see grid below for details.

General Education CategoryCourse to be SubstitutedHonors Course
Environmental ContextEVR 1017 The Global Environment and SocietyIDH 1001
 Creative ContextThree credits chosen from approved courses:  ARH 2050/1, ART 2300/2500/2750IDH 1002

School of Communication + Journalism

Upper-division Honors courses (3000+) will count for the Area of Concentration.  Please see an SCJ advisor to update the degree audit.