Creative Non-Fiction


INSTRUCTOR: Elizabeth Hanly


SCHEDULE: Tuesday 2:00PM – 4:45PM

Course Description

Writing is the closest thing to magic that I know. Nobody can pin down how precisely a story comes to a writer. But come they do — sometimes as a memory that won’t let one go; sometimes only as a vague nudge. This course in non-fiction asks students to dig into their own experience, letting the stories that only they know come to them, then finding the best ways to put them down on paper. In the process, one begins to honor one’s own experience is unexpected ways. This I can promise. It’s an easy step from listening closely for one’s own stories, to listening more closely to others’ stories. And so, assignments will be divided between personal essay and oral history projects. Both writers and “non-writers” are welcome in this class. Open hearts are required.

Students will learn to:

  • Recognize the stories all around them, as well as the poignancy of many of those stories. Not incidentally students write with more clarity, power and confidence.